Europeans Get Early Access To Cataclysm


Timezones. Designed specifically to shatter your fragile mind.

Ha, take that, Yanks! After years of being treated like the red-headed step children of the MMORPG family, something has finally swung in favour of us Euros. Turns out official release times for Cataclysm are as follows:

Q. In what regions is the Cataclysm pre-sale available? What day/time is Cataclysm launching in my region?

A. The pre-sale is available in the following regions, with realms scheduled to launch at the following times:

Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia – December 7 at 12:01 a.m. PST Europe and Russia – December 7 at 12:01 a.m. CET

So, basically, if you’re a European you will be able to start playing Cataclysm at 12:01am CET, a full nine hours before our American counterparts. Yippee! I know nine hours doesn’t sound like much but after years of suffering at the hands of delayed launches (don’t forget WoW launched in the EU a full three months after the US), delayed patches (anyone else remember DAOC and the days of having to wait months for an update?), delayed F2P versions (*cough* LOTRO *cough*), dodgy lag and general poor quality customer service (GOA, I’m looking at you), it’s nice to finally be treated fair and square. And hey, if our December 7th happens to occur a few ours before yours, well, that’s just a little side effect advantage.

But the best thing of all? I’m a Brit and seeing as how we invented time, I get to start playing Cataclysm at 11:01pm GMT on December 6th. Perfect for me as (server up-time assumed), I’ll be able to sneak in a quick game before I go to bed. Ah, that digital download purchase is starting to become a better decision all the time especially considering  that Scotland is in the midst of an Arctic like Winter. Nope, I don’t fancy queuing up outside a store front for a midnight launch in this weather or waiting tentatively at the door hoping the post hasn’t been cancelled.

Now I just pity the poor Aussies who have to wait until their 10am local time before they can get started. Oh well, that’ll teach ‘em for choosing independence over the Empire…


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  1. ogrebears says:

    Sound like a critical bug… I’ll file a bug report and make sure it gets resolved before Cataclysm launches.

  2. amcl says:

    No! I’ve ordered it from Amazon! It’s not going to be here on the 7th!
    What am I going to do….?

  3. Obviously you Europeans should do the right thing and not play until it’s available to everyone. This is the fair thing to do in order to show the right thing to do. Playing it early means that you explicitly support schemes where one group gets an unfair advantage over others.

    Or, do you just like to whine about U.S. developers releasing in the U.S. first? ;)

  4. Colerejuste says:

    FYI. Her Majesty is still the head of state for Australia. It’s a relative independence, but the Governor General (the Queens rep in Australia), still gets to fire the Prime Minister.

    Anyway, works fine for this Brisbane based Aussie. I’ll be at work by the time 10am rolls around, and as with most major changes (for which the Cataclysm release probably wont be classified as this time, considering most of the patching is actually done), the systems are usually all back up and running by the time I’m ready to play at 10pm.

    • Gordon says:

      I assumed I wouldn’t be able to play until late on the 7th too because of work etc but getting to start at 11:01pm GMT the night before is very nice :D I can at least start up a Worgen and mess around for an hour.

  5. Svenstrom says:

    Actually 12:01am PST is 7:01pm local time in eastern Australia… pretty good timing for us!

  6. Bronte says:

    Enjoy the short-lived victory infidel!

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