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So, the codename “Titan” is official. I first heard it a few weeks ago when a leaked timetable surfaced on the web although at that point I dismissed the whole thing as a fake (understandably so considering how unprofessional the thing looked). But now Blizzard have owned up and admitted that the codename is genuine, not only making the leaked product slate a lot more believable but also casting a lot of (renewed) speculation about what the new MMO will be. Clash of the Titans the MMORPG? Something involving Saturn? A MMO set on the Titan…ic? Erm, well, yes…

Personally I’m not interested in Blizzard’s future release schedule because, as has been pointed out, it’s utterly meaningless and they’re jolly well going to release their stuff whenever their good and ready, schedules be damned (something I quite admire). I am, however, a lot more curious about what the MMO actually is.

Of course as soon as Blizz announced that they were working on a new MMO everyone immediately naturally assumed it would be World of Starcaft. Blizzard quickly squashed this rumour by firmly annoucing that it will be a completely new IP and absolutely, unequivocally will not be based on Starcraft.

Those lying buggers.

Yeah, I’m guessing the whole thing is just one big ol’ buff in order to keep the project under wraps until they’re ready to announce it properly. I mean, what were they going to do? Refuse to confirm the rumour? That’s practically an admission unto itself. No, the only logical course of action was to deny it completely and reject the concept sternly enough to throw everyone off the scent and keep them guessing.

The fact is Blizzard do not do new IPs (both their biggest strength and largest vulnerability) and now that Activision have their claws into them are we actually meant to believe that they will take a risk on something completely new and fresh? No, I think it’s far more believable to assume that they’re going to take a fully fledged IP that they own the exclusive rights to and already has a huge following and use that as the basis of their new MMO. And if that leaked schedule is to be believed then it’s release will occur at the oh-so-a-little-too-perfect timing of 10 months after the final installment of the Starcraft 2 trilogy. A little too much of a coincidence I say.

I mean let’s face it, they won’t have been the first company to tell a white lie to keep the hype going and they certainly won’t be the last. I think Blizzard are far too smart to let an opportunity like World of Starcraft pass them by and I think Activision are too much in it for the money to let them do anything else.

But then I have been wrong before.


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  1. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Blizzard had to have done some original IP’s in the past, or there would be no Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. But I would agree that their recent history has shown them to rely heavily on established franchises. As far as Titan goes, if it does turn out to be a Starcraft game then more power to those who will enjoy it.

    • Gordon says:

      It’s been a long time since they did a new IP for sure and I just don’t see them taking a gamble on a new one with something as large as a MMO at stake. Plus people will literally wet themselves if it does turn out to be World of Starcraft.

  2. Jason says:

    I haven’t seen Blizzard flat out deny rumors the way they have with a World of Starcraft MMO. If they say they have a new IP coming down the pipe, I have no issues buying that. In fact, I find new IP more exciting than another MMO based on something they’ve been running with for over a decade like Starcraft or Diablo.

    With that said, I don’t think they’re going the fantasy route again similar to WoW; I definitely think it’ll be futuristic sci-fi based.

  3. wilhelm2451 says:

    No way, Lost Vikings MMO FTW!

  4. Dalek says:

    They already scrapped one “FPS” like concept for starcraft. It would be strange for them to turn around and expand it out into a full MMOFPS, which we havent really seen done yet anyway.

    Starcraft is a very strong rts brand. I dont see them mucking with that for a new concept with them. and FPS only really lends itself to Terrans since they have the guns.

    I think after 15 years, they’re ready for a new IP.

  5. Epiny says:

    It has been a very solid rumor that Blizzard is making a MMOFPS for some time.

    Even Blizzards IPs aren’t new IPs… well maybe the Lost Vikings, but that’s it. Starcraft and Warcraft were stolen from Games Workshop. They are new IP for Blizzard but based strongly on pre-existing works of others. Yes you could say GW stole from Tolkien, but really Warcraft/Starcraft parallel so much of GW IP you can’t say that they merely used it as inspiration. Blizzard’s true talent is taking what others create and making it better… be it an IP or game feature.
    Now on to Titan. Titan WILL be a MMOFPS. Too much has come out about it for that one to be smoke and mirrors. Could it be a SC MMO? Perhaps, but unlikely. Consider this, recently Activison acquired Bungie. Activison has said that they want a MMOFPS, often saying CoD would make a good one. Blizzard also doesn’t want to cannibalize the player base from WoW, they want new gamers. Where does all this point?

    A MMOFPS in space, based loosely around the Halo universe. Draw in the XBox and FPS fanatics around the world… look at the FPS sales, they are as big of a market, if not bigger, than WoW. I’ve also heard rumors of a deep social media feature in it.

  6. Yogi says:

    The problem is that denying it is World of Starcraft, makes it just as likely for it to be a new IP as it is a Starcraft MMO. Honestly I would love to see a Starcraft MMO. I hate starcraft, but I think the genre could use a lot more Science Fiction influence. If there is one thing that blizzard has proved to me, its that they can convert a RTS into an MMO no problem. Here’s Hoping.

  7. Yaggle says:

    I think they hired some guys from Toys For Bob and are making a Star Control MMO.

  8. Stabs says:

    Titan is actually Blizzard’s foray into LARP, live action role play. The eponymous titans of the title are actually very big men and women who will wear togas and gold lame and stride around town centres speaking Ancient Dwarvish in booming voices.

    For localisation in China native larpers will be used but they will stand on boxes.

  9. ogrebears says:

    I almost want to say Titan would be an expansion for WoW. Mainly because the Titan’s have played a major roll in the history of WoW.

  10. Bob says:

    Why would Blizzard mess with a known recipe for success. WoW came out after the third Warcraft 3 expansion, building on an audience that liked the game and the IP they had established. If you look at the timing of Starcraft 2 and its expansions, it’s times do Titan comes out at approximately the same interval that WoW did after Warcraft 3. You would have to be a special kind of stupid to not use a known recipe for success when launching your next product. Why take a risk with an unknown IP that would only have the Blizzard name going for it when you could combine a new MMO with a known brand that is a top performer?

    Then again, I’ve seen some corporations do some pretty stupid things.

  11. WarlockMage says:

    Actually the idea of a “World of Starcraft” seems silly. What classes could you use? A Protoss Zealot or A High Templar or maybe even a Marauder.

    I don’t think so.

  12. Baktru says:

    As a side-note, do remember that project codenames do NOT mean anything at all.

    The company I work for has a strict rule that ANY new project should be named after a smallish city that has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual project. A question of secrecy etc.

    Whether the new project is codenamed Titan or Zilmarone or Strawberry does not mean anything at all. It’s a codename, people.

  13. Starcraft MMO by the guys that made WoW. May as well just give them the right to print money.

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