I Love The Smell Of Mutually Consensual PvP In The Morning


I find battlegrounds are the perfect place for an idle chat

Good PvP is like good sex. It should be mutually consensual, absolutely fair and well balanced, filled with cursing and bad language and best enjoyed in large groups. Plus it’s also similar in the sense that a fairly large proportion of the WoW player base don’t participate in it on a regular occasion.

Crude innuendo aside, I really do enjoy sanitised PvP. And by sanitised, I mean fair and well balanced, and not the type of PvP that involves you getting ganked over and over and over again by someone far more powerful than yourself for no other reason than because they can. Call me the care bear to end all care bears but that just isn’t cricket in my book and I have absolutely no appetite for it. Maybe I’m crazy but I at least want a fighting chance at my PvP and to win or lose by a contest of skill rather than a simple single mouse click.

I dabbled on a PvP server in WoW when I first tried the game but found it not to my liking as there was nothing preventing all of the big, bad mean high level boys from coming along and kicking us noobies in the face. After having played on the Everquest 2 PvP servers for two years (bloody excellent experience, I must say), which imposed level range combat restrictions on zones, it was a real shock to the system. Where’s the fun if you have no chance to fight back? Suffice to say I promptly threw a hissy fit and rerolled on a PvE server where I’ve remained ever since.

I wasn’t impressed at all by the PvP on offer in WoW for a long time but Blizzard have worked hard over the years (as they’ve started to realise its popularity in the MMORPG genre) to make it hugely more accessible, fair and rewarding to such an extent that it’s now a staple element of my gameplay on any character I play. As soon as I hit level 10, I’m queuing for those battlegrounds and accumulating honour points like a rabid addict. I savour the sense of anticipation that comes from queueing, the excitement of the countdown before engagement and the exhilaration of slaughtering a helpless opponent caught hiding when they’ve had to quickly go AFK.

Perhaps the reason I enjoy it most of all though is because of the social aspect that only comes from forcing 10-40 players to work together. I often complain about the lack of interaction between players in WoW and how it’s easy to feel like a cog in the machine or a piece of meat just doing your bit in a party but PvP changes all that and truly forces people to interact. I mean, there’s simply no other way to do it. It’s kill or be killed and those special moments of bonding with a complete stranger and starting to fight together as a unit makes it all worthwhile.

Now I just need to find a PvP guild that does rated battlegrounds. I’m on Khadgar, Alliance – anyone know one?


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  1. Zeathy says:

    Maybe bonding does happen in controlled pvp, but in my experience battlegrounds/scenarios are not on level with open world. It is a real test when a small group of no more than five work together to take down numbers over double their own. I even get joy when the bush I am hiding in successfully conceals me from the passing mob of 20 or so enemies.

    I have a dislike for scenarios/battlegrounds. Not because they are terrible, they can be a fun distraction, but because most developers use it as an excuse to label their games as having respectable PvP. These things are on such a small scale and so controlled that they feel too much like they were borrowed from modern FPS games.

    It is very much against my whole hope for mmos. A world experience rather than just a large scale combat experience, something that we have sadly been moving away from.

    • Gordon says:

      To be totally honest, yeah I did prefer the open world FFA PvP that I had in EQ2 but then I think their PvP system was better. I just hate being ganked by someone 40 levels higher than me. Where’s the fun in that?

  2. Longasc says:

    Shadowfury – Fear – Dot … sorry, stream of consciousness. My Warlock would have given you two fire.

  3. Jomu says:

    Have a Merry Christmas bud =)

  4. I love a good battleground, but I rarely get to see one without queue’ing up with friends, and having just a group of 4 already seems to put you in the (semi-) premade bracket. Which means you can also meet a full premade and is pretty much a guaranteed loss.

    Haven’t tried rated battlegrounds yet, maybe they are better, but overall I’ve found that even a bad dungeon PUG can beat encounters, but expecting the same out of your average random battleground group is just hopeless.

  5. WarlockMage says:

    I am not so much of a Battlegrounds person, but I do enjoy a chat even though it might be during a raid or something.

    I am a total advocate of idle chat in World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs

  6. donatella says:

    And for those who need cd keyy you can get it on gamersloot for ur merry Xmas ahaah

  7. Epiny says:

    Totally agree Gordon. I think there is a very obvious problem, and easy fix, to PvP in WoW.

    1. High levels ganking low levels. There is no reason a level 85 should be permitted on kill a level 10… 20… whatever even on a PvP server. It does nothing but frustrates the lowbie and the higher player gains nothing from it. I understand that is part of being on a PvP server… but does it HAVE to be part? Vanilla WoW ganking lowbies was a way to start a PvP fight and since there was no other place besides Tarren Mill to fight that was acceptable. Now it simply isn’t needed.

    2. Losing control of your character. Warhammer figured this out early on. You should never lose control of your character for extended periods of time… at ANY level of play. All CC abilities need to have their duration shortened on players and have a debuff set on the players preventing them from being chain CC’d. Even without a trinket, you should always have some control over your character.

  8. Shirleen says:

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