My Favourite Articles Of 2010


The great thing about my blog is that if I can't find a suitable image for an article, I can just Google for an image of a Spitfire

Just to clarify, this article is about my favourite posts from my blog. As much as I’d like to be able to highlight all of the wonderful ones I’ve read from the other blogs over the course of the year, unfortunately I’m not imbued with a cybernetic brain and therefore can’t actually recall any of them. Plus I’m far too lazy to try and bother tracking them down.

One of the things I find frustrating as a blogger is that our articles have a very short life span. I reckon the window is anywhere from 24 hours to, maybe max, 72 hours. After that they’ve disappeared into the digital ether to never be heard of again until some poor soul types in the obscure combination of keywords which leads them to discover it on Google. Yes, a fair number of my posts do continually generate a healthy amount of search engine traffic per day but I’ve found that most of those visits are hollow and don’t often convert (to use a business term) into true readers (i.e. you lovely peeps). Indeed by far it’s the here and now that matters for blog articles and after a couple of days have past they are as quickly forgotten as if they never exited. Oh such vacuous creatures we are.

Thus in a silly/brave/narcissistic attempt to reflect on my ponderings of yesterday, I’ve decided to necromance a bunch of my blog posts from 2010 and see out the year with a wink and nod to the word monkeys that fled from my brain over the past 365 days (give or take). Hope you enjoyed these ramblings as much as I did writing them.

The Dungeon Finder Makes Me Feel Like A Whore

Ah how this article still makes me chuckle. I wrote it after knocking out PUG after PUG through the Dungeon Finder tool in WoW one night and came away feeling thoroughly disgusted with myself. I also thought the title was a subtle and clever way to make a poignant point.

The Death Of Multicultural Gaming

I really enjoyed writing this post and, reading it back, it still doesn’t sound half bad. Being an old school MMOer, the multicultural aspect of online gaming is something I hold very close to my heart as I remember first playing Everuqest back in 1999 and being stunned and impressed in equal measure by the fact that I could interact with people from all across the globe. Even to this day, playing with people in other countries is a joy for me and I think it’s a shame that games like WoW have unwittingly killed that all off. Oh and I also declared my man love for Psychochild in this article. Sshh, don’t tell my wife…

Good Riddance To These Games Mechanics Of Yesterday

I think now MMO players are sometimes spoilt by all of the (now commonplace) hugely accessible features that have been introduced and also how streamlined the whole MMO experience can be. We also sometimes (myself definitely) like to reminisce about the “good ol’ days” and forget about some of the crap that we had to deal with. Sense heading? Item weight? Good freaking riddance.

Would You Put WoW On Your Resume?

I posted this question back in January and it’s still a question I find fascinating, mainly because my company has taken to asking people we interview if (and what) online games they play. Here’s an interesting fact: almost everyone we asked said they played WoW at some point. Crazy, huh? Of course, I can totally understand them not wanting to put it on their CV. I sure as hell wouldn’t cause, y’know, I don’t want to sound like a complete freak…

MMO Or Baby?

I got a lot of attention for this article when I wrote it, partly because it’s such a personal question and partly because it depicts my wife having her sordid way with me whilst I was sleeping, and it still remains one of my most popular (according to WordPress) articles ever. Personally I had a real blast writing it and still laugh away to myself when I read it so, for me, that’s pretty much mission accomplished for any blog article. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the baby option got the most votes. Aww.


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  1. amcl says:

    “my beside and my spouse gently rocking atop me”

    … shudder! but still makes me laugh out loud!

  2. The Necromancer says:

    Here is a quote fitting for truly a year of success.

    “Three rings for the Elven kings under the sky, seven for the Dwarf lords in their halls of stone, nine for the mortal men doomed to die, one for the Dark Lord on his dark throne, in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring the bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.” – LOTR

    PS. I changed my name again from TheWarlock to The Necromancer from the Hobbit :)

  3. Talarian says:

    “The Dungeon Finder Makes Me Feel Like A Whore”

    Clever? Yes!
    Subtle? No way, man, that’s about as subtle as stealing burning someone’s ugly blouse as a fashion intervention.

  4. Daria says:

    I just started reading your blog recently so I missed the baby post when it was new. I enjoyed reading that and all the comments. I wanted to tell you I am struggling with this same decision, and I am female. It was I who never wanted children and my husband recently sprung upon me that he was having second thoughts! My husband and I both game, and we do love our personal freedom. It is such a huge decision and I seem to swing on this issue almost daily.
    I love my MMO’s, even at work I read about them all day and think about them, and I love coming home at night and logging in after dinner. I’m afraid having a child would make me resent that I couldn’t do that anymore. And I really don’t think I could be one of those parents who still games, I wouldn’t want to deprive my child of the attention they so desperately need. It was a little scary in fact to see all the commentors on that post who thought it was OK to play while children were still awake, that they could entertain themselves with TV? What kind of children are we raising today?

    Anyway maybe you’ll do an update post of where you stand on the issue now or if your thoughts have since changed.

    • Gordon says:

      Good idea about the update, I’ll add it to my list. Short answer is yeah, I think the baby has won the day :) It will happen, I’m sure, sometime. At the end of the day, RL and things like family are more important than MMOs (or any hobbies we might have).

  5. Noah says:

    “…Makes Me Feel Like A Whore”

    You can replace the first part of that sentence with whatever you want and it will still be epic!

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