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Can The WoW Servers Survive The Shattering Cataclysm?



Queues. Downtime. Lag. Slow downloads. Bloodcurdling cries of venom and hatred. All of these things are synonymous with MMO launches, expansion releases and big patches. A lot of us have come to accept this from our MMOs and live with it as an inevitable side affect of the hobby. Today’s a special day though because today (in Europe anyway, yesterday in the States) marked the release of probably Blizzard’s most epic patch, the complete and utter shattering of Azeroth. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’m as a giddy as a teenage boy discovering his dad’s secret stash of Playboys but, still, in the back of my mind I can’t help by wonder if Blizzard are going to be able to handle the huge demand that’s posed to pounce on their servers?

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MMOs And The Power Of Capitalism


I don't want to be a capitalist but I do want to be rich

I read an interesting post over at Tobold’s today about how Final Fantasy XIV is now entering it’s third free month of play. Apparently it’s not sold tremendously well and has had some bad press, so much so that Square Enix are visibly concerned about the future of the game. We know from past experiences that the first free month of any MMO is vital is generating momentum and sustaining a healthy player base so it’s no surprise that FFIX’s developers are crapping themselves at the prospect of a mass exodus of subscribers. Still, Tobold wonders Square Enix didn’t pick up on all of the problems earlier and try and do something about it before launch.

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The Best Of The Rest: Pilgrim & Perpetuum Edition


The most vicious Mech ever assembled: WALL-E 2.

I can’t say that it’s been a hugely exciting week for MMO this past seven days and probably the most interesting things we’ve seen has been the start of the Prepetuum early access and the, um, “Pilgrim” event in World of Warcraft. Now, I could launch into a big diatribe about how MMOs shouldn’t be subjecting us to real life holidays in game, especially when they make no sense in regards other current in-game events (so Deathwing is shattering the planet yet peeps still want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Riiight). Plus, shouldn’t us Europeans get to celebrate our own special holidays like Sinterklaas and the Queen’s birthday instead of the American ones? Yeah, I could say all of that stuff but being the eternal diplomat I am, I won’t.

And so, without further adue, I give you the best of I what I call the rest. Link loveth engage.

  • Pete has a first impressions write-up of Perpetuum. I enjoyed Pete’s article because it gave me a good, open insight into the game and the opinions and impressions of someone I respect. Although I was invited into the early access event myself, problems with Interweb prevented me from downloading the client so I’ve been relegated to sitting on the sidelines this weekend. Still, this MMO does hold a lot of appeal and will certainly be one I’m going to check out.
  • Scott breaks the new that Second Life is going browser based. Not much information is out at this point in time but moving to a client-less mode seems like a really exciting move for Second Life. I’m a big fan of making MMOs more accessible and removing all of these hugely shackling constraints we have to suffer by (like, y’know, requiring a PC and an Internet connection). Oh and the title of the article made me chuckle.
  • Gnomeaggedon has a touching article explaining his reasons for participating in Movember. It’s always a pleasure to read about the lives of MMOs players (or bloggers) because I think we all too easily forget that the people we encounter throughout the cyber world are actually living and breathing individuals. Plus moustaches rock even though I’m still battling with my insecurities about not being able to grow a proper one yet. And has anyone else noticed that the real Gnomeaggedon looks uncannily like his avatar?
  • And finally the Ancient Gaming Noob exposes some more WoW phishing attempts.  “This isn’t a phishing attempt.  This is some sort of calculated insult to my intelligence.” Absolute genius.


Curse of the Worgen #1 Review

Curse of the Worgen

I suppose I could make a pun about Worgen Freeman but that would just be silly

Aside from being a MMO addict I’m also a bit of a comics connoisseur and thus decided to combine both hobbies together and pick up the first issue of Curse of the Worgen which was released in the US yesterday and the UK today. In the interest of brevity for all you busy city slicker lawyer readers out there, I shall summarise the book in a mere single word: meh.

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It’s All The DPS’ Fault

DPS Chart

Nothing says "bloodthirsty warrior" like number crunching

I was dicking around in WoW again over the weekend and decided to run a couple of PUGs with one of my Warriors. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and, let me tell you, I don’t miss it at all. I mean, I miss the grouping and the tanking and general dungeon crawling, just not the nutsacks that I seem to get landed with on an all-too-frequent occasion. I’m sure there’s some legitimate psychological reason why people behave like monkeys when they’re matched up through the random dungeon finder and not when they’re playing with friends or guild mates but alas I fear I’ll never know of it.

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The Best Of The Rest: New Home Edition

Home Sweet Home

Not sure if it's intentional or not but this image is bloody creepy...

This week marked a bit of a milestone for me as it saw me move into my first ever bought property. Huzzah! I am no longer at the mercy of private landlords and their fat cat profiteering. No sir, for the first time since leaving home at 19 I was able to sleep soundly at night knowing that my abode (and all of it’s responsibilities, I should add) is mine and mine alone. Definitely something to savour considering it’s the 3rd move I’ve made in 12 months and the 8th home I’ve lived in in 9 years.

Anyway, enough about my superbly interesting private life. We all know why you’re here so let’s get down and dirty with the link love:

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EVE Fighting Back In The Face Of Cataclysm

EVE Online

In space no can hear you insult your enemies from the safety of your armchair

I don’t know what proportion of EVE Online players also have an interest in World of Warcraft and, judging by what I know of the EVE player base, it’s probably not very large but, nonetheless, it seems like CCP are taking every precaution when it comes to ensuring that they keep their population numbers up. On Monday I received a nice little email from them telling me I could reactivate my account (I had deactivated it over the summer) for five free days of play any time before November 21st. They also topped off the deal by offering me a 33% discounted subscription for two months if I renewed after the five free days. Awesome – just in time for Incursion, an expansion I was planning to check out anyway.

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