Old Dog vs New Pup: Everquest Goes Head To Head With RIFT

Fippy Darkpaw

The first time Fippy ganks me I'm punching the screen

I’m not a happy bunny. See, I awoke this morning to find an email on my iPhone from the kind chaps at SOE offering me a 11 days of free play on Everquest starting yesterday and lasting until the 21st, coinciding nicely with the launch of their new progression server, Fippy Darkpaw (which I’m very much looking forward to). Yep, ol’ Fippy goes live on the 15th Feb which now happens to be, funnily enough, the exact starting date of the RIFT open beta. Which I’ve just pre-ordered. And so has my brother. And almost everyone else I know. Bugger.

Now it’s not that I’m unhappy to be getting my EQ account reactivated for 11 days but, um, excuse me wasn’t the new progression sever meant to be launching in March? What’s with the sudden announcement of launching it in the middle of February only days after Trion announced the open beta (and effect launch) of RIFT on the 15th? As much as I appreciate what SOE are trying to do here (i.e. get in first and hook some players before everyone gets stuck into RIFT) but c’mon guys, you’re giving poor folk like me tough decisions. Oh the wickedness of marketing, how I deplore you.

Of course I could just hold off and play RIFT at the head start on the 24th but we all know that’s not going to happen. I already restrained myself enough and didn’t take part in any of the weekend beta events and this open beta is effectively their pre-launch launch so it’s green lights all round. Come Tuesday, I’m going to be sorely tempted to log into RIFT as not only am I excited to play it but I have quite a large number of friends who will be playing it too. A very strong incentive.

But I’m equally interested in checking out Everquest again and I don’t want to miss the boat on that. A big part of the fun will be getting on when it’s new and seeing all of the low level zones filled with level 1 players again, all scrambling to loot Firebeatle eyes and farm Will ‘O Wisps for Greater Lightstones. I give it about a week, tops, before some nut hits level 50 so I need to get in there and enjoy the companionship of my peers whilst I can.

Still, if it’s a contest between RIFT and EQ then I think RIFT’s going to win. And I’m probably not the only person thinking that way so I can’t help but wonder if SOE have made a bit of a blunder here with their release date. Maybe they should’ve held off until March? Or April even?

Oh well. Don’t suppose anyone has invented a cloning machine?


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  1. wilhelm2451 says:

    Cloning is a false path. Join us in our quest to create a time machine! Then you can play a game and, if it sucks, you can just rewind and play something else!

    That aside, I think you should spend your time with Fippy. If you’re already bought into Rift, you might as well wait until the pre-order head start to work on characters you’ll get to keep.

  2. Carson says:

    I got the “reactivate your EverQuest account” invite too. Which is odd, because I’ve never played EverQuest. Well, I vaguely remember playing a trial of it about seven years ago, maybe that’s what prompted it.

    I thought it might be fun to have a look at something so oldschool. But, anyway, I have no idea what my password is, and couldn’t answer the security question to reset it, which means the only option is to make an international phone call to support during US business hours. This is all starting to look way too difficult, so I’ll let this opportunity pass me by, I fear.

  3. Lycanthrope says:

    Never played Evercrack, so did not get an email offering to reactivate my account. Which was never…activated. Life.

    I will be playing around in RIFT(tm) (professional writing needs trademarks), to make up for only being able to take advantage of two hours of my VIP Beta key so far. Have found it interesting so far, and a decent change from WoW. Not overly in love with it, but it is decent.

  4. Stabs says:

    Play them both, they’re not particularly expensive.

  5. Pid says:

    I logged into EQ today just to see the status of my characters that were involved in a server merge. Hey it’s free right! I logged into my main and found I left him in the entrance to a dungeon with a goblin bearing down on him. I looked at my controls and had no idea what was what. I managed to kill the goblin and then searched all over for the “gate” ability only to find it not there. After rifling through windows I finally found it and placed it in a hotbar. I gated back to the guild lobby and camped out. I think that is about all the EQ I need for another few years. :)

  6. amcl says:

    Got my rift beta invite! See you in the world ;)

  7. Bhagpuss says:

    I love the way everything seems to come out of the mist at you, Gordon! The Feb 15 start date for Fippy was trailed on every MMO news site back at the beginning of February. It’s an obvious spoiler for Rift, which is fair enough since the Rift OB/Headstart clashes horribly with the EQ2 expansion launch (although since that’s actually on the 22nd, you could get about 48 hours of Velious in the gap between OB ending and Headstart beginning).

    I play EQ anyway. Been playing it since 1999 and will always play it. I think it’s a better game now than it ever was and given the choice I’d play on a 2011 server any day over a Progression server. I also played on the last Prog server, which was fun but not THAT much fun. Nevertheless, I will make a character or three on Fippy simply because I make characters on all new EQ servers at launch (and have done since 2000). I don’t expect to play there for long, though.

    I’m pretty much done with Rift betas. I did all 6, I’ve pre-ordered, subbed for 6 months and taken a week off work starting on the 24th (that’s not quite as desperate as it sounds – I have to take over three weeks holiday between now and the end of April or lose it). All i want now are my permanent characters. I will be fiddling around in OB, doing the stuff everyone else did in the CBs, namely trying different soul combos, races etc and trying to decide who and what I’ll be at launch, but I don’t intend to put in a lot of OB hours.

    If you want my advice (doubtful!) then do the minimum in OB and save yourself for Headstart. Play a lot on Fippy instead and I’ll bet that by the 24th you’ll be sick to death of “old school” and absolutely ready for something up-to-date.

    • Gordon says:

      Hehe, good advice :) I’m probably not going to over do it too much with the RIFT OB as my character’s just going to get wiped anyway but I am very curious to see what it’s like (didn’t play the other betas) so it’s going to get my attention on the 15th. Still, I’ll probably fire up EQ on the new progression server next weekend and see how it rocks :) I think I might re-sub for a month just to get over my nostalgia itch.

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  9. Fumbles says:

    I would say try out the Rift open beta for the first couple days of Fippy. The Fippy server is likely to be overpopulated in all the starting areas on the first few days whereas in Rift you are joining with a bunch of beta testers on multiple servers that have mixed progression so the population is much more spread out.

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