All Excited For The Secret World

Secret World

"We're going to need a bigger gun"

Rock, Paper, Shotgun had a great preview of The Secret World last week. Developed by Funcom (or Failcom if you’re leet like me), of Anarchy Online/Age of Conan fame, it’s one of those forthcoming MMOs that hasn’t had a huge amount of attention recently but, when it does get in the spotlight, everyone seems to go crazy for it. I’m one of those folks.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of The Secret World for me is the fact that it’s got such a unique take on the traditional MMO genre. It’s neither one of those super common sword and metal bikini fantasy based games nor one of those less common pew-pew starship science fiction ones. Instead it’s set in an alternative version of the modern world, our world, one with a whole freaky supernatural twist, mixing guns and magic to fight demons from hell all over the globe in places like New York, Seoul, and Egypt. Frankly it just sounds frickin’ awesome.

No doubt the setting of the game is going to be a huge draw for those who are getting a tad bored (like me) of the usual fantasy MMORPGs that seem to crop up constantly but there some other factors that set TSW aside as well. Firstly, there is no concept of levels – the game is completely flat and skill based instead. Secondly, instead of different races there are three playable factions to chose from (the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars), each with access to their own skills and abilities. Finally, there’s apparently some innovative quest system which is about investigating things in both the game world and real world. Yeah, I don’t understand it either but it sure sounds fun.

Take all of those things and throw in your usual mix of PvE and PvP shenanigans and you’ve got the makings of what could be a pretty darn fine game. That is as long as Funcom done fluff it. Don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of Anarchy Online and Age of Conan (Tortage is still one of the best intros to a MMO ever) but FC don’t exactly have the best track record for releasing solid, polished, bug free games. Here’s hoping they take a page from Trion’s book and delay launch until The Secret World really is absolutely finished and perfect.


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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Not really interested in The Secret World. It does make me wish for a real non-combat, supernatural/conspiracy theory MMO, though.

    Given the very high popularity of non-combat activities in MMOs (crafting, economies, housing, foraging, shiny-hunting, achievements), I think we might now be at a point when an MMO based on investigation, exploration, trading and collecting could attract an audience without having to have the usual obligatory combat part. Or at least have the combat as a relatively minor, optional activity.

  2. Pascal says:

    This is one that has been on my watch list for a while. The concept really grabbed me and the hidden marketing they’ve been doing for it online has been very well conceived and received here, at least.

    Although, given the slow progress they’re making (This may be a good thing) I’m inclined to agree with one of the forum posts on it.

    The year our sun turns to ash + 3 is when The Secret World beta will start.

    Still. Looking forward to it.

  3. Kadomi says:

    I watched the trailer from PAX East and thought it looked amazing. This could be incredibly fun, and I think a lot of people are ready to move on from standard fantasy settings. Here’s to hoping they’ll take their time and learn from Trion, indeed.

  4. UnSub says:

    I’ve been following this title for a while now, but it’s much easier to make promises about things than deliver them effectively.

  5. Ravven says:

    I’m very excited about this game. I am so ready for a non-fantasy MMO, and I love the suspense/horror element. I’m also looking forward to Word of Darkness, which should have very much the same feel to it. I do fear, however, than everyone will chose Dragon – but I could be wrong.

  6. Roy says:

    ” Firstly, there is no concept of levels – the game is completely flat and skill based” umm okay. I think Im gonna pass.

  7. SlothBear says:

    I suppose the concept is sort of interesting but is there any more to it than that at this point?

  8. Really now says:

    As interesting as the concept of TSW is I can’t help but remember its being made by Failcom. I have a personal policy of NEVER buying a second MMO from a company if it hasn’t FIXED the first MMO it put out. Case in point Funcom has yet to make any real headway in AOC, despite having put an Xpac. If i were to purchase TSW i’d be telling Failcom to go ahead and abandon TSW as soon as it decides to work on something else and never fix anything. By now I’m too jaded to be that forgiving of any developer.

  9. [...] We Fly Spitfires — All excited for The Secret World “Perhaps the biggest attraction of The Secret World for me is the fact that it’s got such a unique take on the traditional MMO genre.” [...]

  10. Dblade says:

    It makes me sad, because it’s just switching out one set of cliches for another. I’m sure we’ll see Area 51 in some form, and the factions are about as bland as could be. Why is it so hard for MMO designers to come up with fresh lore and concepts?

  11. Bronte says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have been traveling a lot lately and haven’t been able to catch up much at all on my Google Reader. That was indeed a great preview, and the ARG integration sure sounds sweet. I was also very pleasantly surprised at the fact that the “real world” wasn’t stylized in any way. It all looked like real world settings, now with more monsters and Vitamin C. I am really excited about this one, I hope we get some information on the beta etc. soon.

  12. Drake Whelan says:

    As a huge Lovecraft/X files fan I am so Psyched about TSW, and how the fan community has already started creating their own stories around it. I was interested in WoD until I found out that you would not be able to play a hunter…ever, but now I’m all about certainly is a labor of love for Funcom and those usually make the best games.

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