A Little Bit Of Link Love

Traditional verbal communication will soon be replaced with complete silence and Facebook updates

Traditional verbal communication will soon be replaced completely with silence and Facebook updates only

It’s been a while since I’ve spread the link love and shared articles from around the blogosphere so, perhaps because feeling overly guilty right now due to the fact I’m on my man period or something, I’ve decided to acknowledge a handful of posts that have tickled my fancy recently. Apologies to all of the hundreds of wonderful articles and bloggers that I’ve not mentioned – feel free to stab pins into Gordon shaped voodoo dolls if that helps appease yourself.

  • Inspired by our apparent, dark descent into the utter depths of silence, Syl knocked up the little cartoon above to acknowledge the end of the era of MMO communication. Awesome stuff.
  • A fabulous article from Gnomeaggedon compares Archaeology in WoW to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. A hugely entertaining read and absolutely spot on, striking a lot of cords with me not only because I came to loathe Archaeology as well but am currently in the midst of re-reading the 5th WoT novel.
  • Gazimoff cheers on the MMO armchair designer. Finally, someone steps up and helps relieve some of the guilt and inadequacy that I feel when I make my opinionated comments about all of the games out there!
  • Tesh satirises gamification with a zombie analogy in a particularly wonderful manner. Strangely appropriate for me right now as I’m not only planning my own article on gamification but have just starting watching The Walking Dead TV series. Great minds, eh.
  • Nils pontificates the place of PvP in sandbox MMOs, something I have often pondered myself. One day I’ll come up with the perfect concept for mixing PvP and PvE in sandbox games, I’m sure.
  • And just because he won’t bloody well shut up about it (apparently I made a promise at some point), here’s a link to a nice little 3D game one of my friends made for a university project. It’s pretty slick actually. He’s also desperate to work in the games industry when he finishes his degree next year so if anyone has any tips on how to make that dream come true, feel free to leave a note.


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  1. Tesh says:

    Not sure what to tell you on getting a game job in England… but that should tell you something. As in so many things, it’s who you know more than anything as far as getting a foot in the door. After that, you need a great portfolio and a solid specialty (most studios tend to want specialists rather than generalists). Each company is different, though; do homework on the company first and see if you want to work there first. *shrug*

    Thanks for the link! I have another zombie post coming up… for as much as I don’t like the beasties, I sure have fun with zombie mechanics. :P

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