So, I Started My Own Company

One day we'll get a photo of a gorilla sitting in the jungle holding an iPad...

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much the past couple of months as I used to in the past which, I agree, is shamefully abysmal and something I hope to rectify soon. I haven’t lost interest in the MMORPG world or blogging (actually it’s quite the opposite – I’m more keen than ever), I just haven’t had a whole lot of free time lately. In fact, I haven’t had any. Because well, as the title of the post probably gave away, I’ve started my own business.

It’s not a MMO or games company as some of you might have hoped (one day, one day) but rather it’s a web agency devoted to making wonderful bespoke sites and applications as well as some exciting online products that we’re still knee deep in the midst of secretly creating in our lab. And the name of the company? Primate. Y’know, like the monkey (yes, yes, I have a thing for monkeys…).

Aside from MMOs, the web industry is something I’ve always had a deep passion for and have had the pleasure of accruing many years of fantastic experience in it. I’ve also met a lot of amazing people along the way, two of whom I’ve had the pleasure of founding Primate with, one who is an ingenious developer and the other who is a brilliant designer (he designed my blog after all). Although I’ll be doing a fair bit of development myself, I’ll be completing our trio of skills by focusing mainly on online marketing and SEO, something that I’m embarrassed to admit, tickles my fancies on dark, lonely nights.

Of course as well as being incredibly exciting its also all kinda scary and although we’ve been working away feverishly in our spare time for some while now, I officially left my old day job last week and set up shop in our new offices last Wednesday, 1st June. I’ll miss everyone I used to work with tremendously (except Ewan) but it’s a sacrifice I had to make in order to follow my dreams.

We’ll be launching our own web related blog in a couple of weeks and I’ll no doubt pimp myself out again here for those that might be interested in it but, in the meantime, feel free to check out our brand spanking new company web site and let me know what you think. You can also find my new official work Twitter feed here (don’t worry, nothing is happening to my MMO/personal one).

Anyway, I think my blogging schedule will return more to normal now and the frequency of my posts will increase again as I get myself a bit more spare time. Although I’ll be working away like a Japanese beaver in my new business, I won’t be doing two jobs at once any more and thus (here’s hoping), I’ll be able to squeeze in a little more time for MMOs and blogs.

And it goes without saying, if you have any questions or enquiries about web projects then get in touch. We undertake work internationally.


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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Good luck! Although in a work context there are few things I’d find less attractive than running my own business, any more than I’d want to build my own house.

    Also I purely loathe monkeys.

  2. Carson says:

    Good luck with it! I’ve been working in web dev these last few years myself, after a stint in the games industry that convinced me that I’d rather keep games as a hobby and do something different for a crust.

    That’s a pretty sweet company website you’ve got there, too – I’d certainly be confident hiring you based on that and the latest work you link to!

    As an aside, it’s funny how design and tech go together sometimes – the instant the Primate webpage opened, I said to myself “bet you they’re a Ruby on Rails shop”. And sure enough I was right. Just something about that style. :-)

  3. Good luck! And as someone with a degree in the anthropological sciences, I approve of the name! I too have a thing for apes and monkeys — I spent years studying them :P

  4. Oh, wait, you’re a marketer? Man, I feel extra dirty reading and enjoying this blog all these years. Although, the fixation on sex makes a lot more sense now.

    Well, okay, hope it goes well for you, I guess. ;)

    • Gordon says:

      Gah, I hate the term “marketeer” because it brings up all of these connotations of uneducated, sleazy idiots trying to sell me over Twitter. I’ve met my fair share of those people and I detest it! I just like SEO and social networking and that sort of thing. Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a better phrase for it all ;)

      • Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a better phrase for it all

        Spoken like a true marketer! :)

        And, I really didn’t mean anything bad about it. Marketing is a vital part of a business, and something that games do poorly on a regular basis. :)

        • Gordon says:

          Hehe, no worries :) I really dislike the idea of job titles completely to be honest. They all sound kinda crap :) We actually did have the idea of just calling ourselves “Founders” (DS9 connotations though) or even something a little far out and crazy like “Alpha Male” etc. Maybe one day… ;)

  5. Werit says:

    Sounds like fun, hope it works out!

  6. pkudude99 says:

    And here I thought “Primate” not only meant monkeys but was also a high-ranking church position. *Double checks* Yup. You’ve gone all churchy on us, haven’t you?

    I didn’t know the 3rd “archaic” definition of “chief or leader” but since “prim” is a root meaning “first” I guess it makes sense.

    Good luck and I wish you all the success you can handle!

  7. Rivs says:

    Good Luck, and What the heck I’m not on the people you admire list. Wrong…just wrong. :)

  8. Jomu says:

    congrats bud! I hope it works out great for you :D

  9. Mojeaux says:

    Congrats and Good luck! And don’t be surprised if that “spare time” you’re hoping will come along “once things get settled” never actually materializes…. as a “former” business owner (2 coffee shops) I can, with almost 100% certainty tell you.. it won’t.

  10. Madison says:

    I enjoy your blog and work in the web, so i thought i’d wish you good luck too. Great site, nice choice of fonts (typepad just got Futura woohoo!) clear message, fun graphics. win. Now just make sure your clients pay!

  11. Madison says:

    err Typekit…sorry too many types :)

  12. Dril says:

    Gratz :P

    Unlike seemingly everyone else on the intrntz I have absolutely no knowledge of anything relating to web design, so there’s not much else I can really say.

    Although, personally, I would’ve named a company after a more cute and fluffy mammal, but that’s just me :P

  13. Matthew says:

    Hey Gordon, good luck with your new venture!

    Long time reader, first time commenter here, and having looked over your company and seeing it’s got a lot of focus on social, could I ask if you’ve looked into a service such as for social commenting on your blog? I’d love to see it on WFS, and it would certainly get me chattering and sharing a lot more frequently :)

  14. Manuel says:

    Congrats on your new business. I’ve sent you an email, maybe you can help me promote my game ;)

  15. [...] far away or anything, making a trip there on weekly basis becomes rather repetitive plus, what with starting my own business recently, I just don’t have the time for it and, as much as I love my comics, I can think of better [...]

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