Age Of Conan: Unchained Impresses With Trailer. That’s All.

Conan the Cimmerian

Conan, a sensitive and often misunderstood individual

So apparently the free-2-play version of Age of Conan arrives tomorrow and is called, wittily enough, Unchained. Get it? No chains… free… Nope? Never mind. Anyway, call me a sucker for soft metal music, dramatic voice overs and well edited and cut together footage but the launch trailer is rather impressive. As can be seen below.

So yes, after watching it, I was very tempted to jump back into Hyboria and start slaughtering the innocent, weak, and AFK without a moments hesitation. Then I hesitated. Yes, it was a very compelling trailer but, in actuality, it wasn’t portraying the game anywhere near anything like I remember it to be. Where did all of those cool costumes and outfits come from? Level 80, that’s where. And where can all of those lush and vibrant landscapes be found? Again, level 80 zones. And all of those cool, stylised moments of player-versus-player visceral combat? I kept looking but I didn’t see any whining, moaning or petty name calling anywhere in the video.

So indeed whilst there’s nothing inaccurate about the trailer (other than being overly dramatic and a little corny), it doesn’t actually represent the game I would be playing if I loaded it up for free and started again at level 1. In fact, looking back through all of the screenshots taken from my previous dabblings with the game, everything is all pretty bland and boring for the most part. Where and when did anyone actually experience any of those fist-pumping, heart pounding moments of adrenaline that the Unchained trailer entices us with?

No doubt some people have experienced those feelings in AoC at some point but I never did and, hence, I’m not currently playing it. And as much as the trailer and prospect of the playing the game again for free appeals (we can’t really blame Funcom for tempting us with hot marketing material, can we), deep down I know the game hasn’t actually changed enough to satisfy me beyond an initial fatality or exposed booby or two.

But what do I know. Maybe all of this is just resentment over the fact that Funcom could’ve been busy adding some intricate layers of depth and content to the game rather than smashing on a freemium cash shop model instead. Not that I’m bitter.


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  1. Longasc says:

    Not interested in playing anymore, but I wonder how $$$ the cash shop will be. F2P is nice for a trial mode, but if you play and if you really play a lot those shop+sub models cost a ton of money. Me at least. Mostly talking about LOTRO experiences. I am sure everyone else is cool and doesn’t pay a dime, right?

  2. amcl says:

    I’ve just claimed my 7 days free Warcraft game time, have you?

  3. Pascal says:

    I went back to Age of Conan a couple of months ago. While it is improved, it is still a Funcom game. But I don’t know. It may sound peculiar, but that is probably my MMO that would be like my “first love” even if it wasn’t my first MMO. I enjoy it more than most other games. It’s even managed to get me to ditch EVE for a while :)

    There is just something about the content, the way the scenery takes your breath away. And yeah, I’m leveling a couple of characters back up from 1, relearning my old 80s and so on. It’s just too much fun.

  4. slowthought says:

    I thought this game was about titties, but apparently there’s more to it?

  5. Nils says:

    That trailer does a pretty good job at pushing me away. Sounds more like an action arcade game than like a MMORPG.

  6. Straw Fellow says:

    I’ve updated and brushed off my client. I’m willing to give it a shot for a while.

    As for the all new neat content in the trailer…well, let’s be honest with ourselves. Most games of this type add all the neat stuff at the endgame anyway. You could make the same complaints about Wrath of the Lich King, for example. I’m personally not surprised or agitated over it.

  7. vortal says:

    The only F2P game that really grabs me, and I want to play the most would be DDO. That’s because it is awesome, and I am a D&D fan. Age of Conan however was not really that interesting despite the video. (which wasn’t that good anyway)

  8. Frenetics says:

    Step out of Tortage for a few minutes. If your heart isn’t pumping by the time the 30th person attacks you, then you are inhuman.

    Also, go find an active guild. Don’t blame the game for your own passive nature. MMOs are about finding people to play with =P

  9. SoPP says:

    The vid had my impressed until the end when it plastered “Unchained” in cartoon red and said it was free. The first thought that popped into my head was “lame sauce” which was followed up with wondering if there are any PR positions open in Funcom.
    Having said that the fact that its F2P is a big incentive. I will be giving it a shot, Im <3 the fact that MMO are moving in this direction.

  10. I’m going to be checking it out, and dusting off my old characters. It’s F2P now so I figure it wouldn’t hurt…if I think I’ll play a lot I might buy some content piecemeal or I may go the freemium route and sub for a couple months if it draws me in again and I have the time :)

  11. sandra says:

    This is the best MMO I have ever played. Once you actually play the game and get a bit deeper in to its content, you will find out, that the armor etc. does not look all that boring. Neither do the weapons. This game is filled with content now that it has been patched to what it was suppose to be when it launched. I really recommend taking a closer look in Age of Conan. This is one of the best, if not the best, games I have ever played. It gives you not only that Singleplayer feeling throughout the entire voice-acted Destinyquest (yes, also out of Tortage) and solo-dungeons (which they keep adding), but also through the alternatives they have added (crafting, guild-cities, sieges, the expansion and all of what it offers and so on).

    Funcom did that, what I would have wished for the game Gothic 3. AoC got fixed and there really is no better time to try it out. Also, more content is to come soon, even though they have already added a lot recently. When the new Conan movie starts, AoC and the movie itself will go hand-in-hand, which means the game will get content from the movie and vice versa.

    Needless to say, that the visuals of this game are the best of the best and have yet to be surpassed by any MMO to date.

    So, AAA-MMO, that is for free, for a big part (remember, it still has restrictions, but that’s normal with f2p games nowadays; the ppl working years on this have to live from something ya know).

  12. sandra says:

    PS: And about the weapons: I would really hate for AoC to become like WoW. Those huge, asia-grinder-mmo reminder weapons (in WoW) are laughable. I just can’t take anyone serious coming at me with a weapon, that is almost as big as the entire char, if not bigger and sparkling all sort of shit that I have yet to understand.

  13. whatever says:

    When’s the last time you played the game? Are you aware the game’s nothing like in 2008, 2009 and even since 2010 has been fixed and updated a ton with lots and lots of new content? This is the best MMO on the market by far. And underrated by far.

  14. whatever says:

    And i agree with sandra – the day i start seeing oversized WOW-like weapons in AoC is the day i stop playing the game. But not before, as the game if utterly spectacular.

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  16. hordemaster says:

    I never tried this MMO because I was always afraid that my computer was not good enough to run it. I was probably right.

  17. Jake says:

    LOL. might try AoC…IDK. The oversized WoW weapons are really cool at 85 in WoW though; it’s be kind of pathetic for them to be smaller by that point.

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  19. so much better then wow says:

    i have played wow for years.after trying aoc on a free account i now see what i have been missing.laters cartoon wow.ill be on age of conan now

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