Why Blizzard Are Going To Kill The Holy Trinity

Diablo 3 Multiplayer

Diablo 3. The MMORPG of tomorrow.

For a long time people have pondered the idea of MMOs that didn’t utilise the traditional Holy Trinity model of playing (i.e. groups requiring a tank, healer and DPS classes… although interesting enough the original Holy Trinity included crowd control instead of DPS but I digress) and wondered if games could ever exist without it. While some MMORPGs skirted around this idea of trying something new, to my knowledge none of ever fully succeeded in breaking away from it. Yet. Indeed, I believe that Blizzard are going to be the first to do so and, just like the huge number of industry trends they set with WoW (love ‘em or hate ‘em), I have little doubt that they are ultimately going to be the ones responsible for killing the Holy Trinity off for good.

I think it’s been two recent occurrences that sparked this thought off in my head. Firstly, I was reading and viewing more and more about the playstyle of Diablo 3 and eventually came to realise that this is a game that seeks to epitomise the casual, online, micro-transaction fueled vision of Blizzard’s future. The second incident was the change they made to tanking in WoW last week, namely the almost complete and utter removal of Threat as a mechanic. Combined, both of these incidents really make me believe that Blizzard are situating themselves to make their games both incredibly easy aka fun rather than challenging, each played by people independently without the need to define rigid group roles and stick to them. And I think all of this is being done to appeal to broader mass market.

I’m coming to reckon that the MMORPG of tomorrow will be comprised completely of DPS classes with no concept, or at least very little of it, of the traditional roles of tanking or healing. They will all be like gigantic Diablo style games, every man out for themselves, every man an individual walking army without the need to interact, protect or heal their comrades. Grouping will becoming a social concept more than a game mechanic, everyone running around madly, fighting the fight without needing to rely on others. We will form parties just out of the sheer hell of it rather than due to any gameplay requirement.

And why will Blizzard be the ones to usher in this new era of MMORPGs? Because they have the moxie to make to it happen. I do admire their desire to make games simple and fun and I’m sure that they look at the state of grouping in WoW and are trying to figure out ways to make it funner and more accessible for everyone. Simply put, right now in their MMO, the Holy Trinity fails dramatically and I think they’re aware of it. I also think Blizzard are cunning and ambitious in that they’re looking to address and pull in new audiences. Whilst every other MMO out there is just trying to compete for the same player pool, Blizzard are eyeing up the teenagers of tomorrow and pondering what gameplay experience they want – and I don’t think getting insulted when tanking or healing or otherwise having to queue for 30 minutes as DPS to get a group is at all on their agenda.

A key question though is whether or not the MMO industry would benefit from this removal of the Holy Trinity (assuming it goes the way out I’ve outlined above) – ironically we’ve all yearned for something new and refreshing for years but none of us have probably every considered the repercussions of having it. I have no doubt that going down the Diablo model of classes and grouping for MMOs could be a lot of fun and will appeal to a very large audience, the next generation of MMOers if you will. Still, I’d be sad to see my tanking days come to an end. Ultimately though the future is unclear and I suppose I will need to be pragmatic and regard whatever happens as an evolution of the industry. Hopefully I’ll evolve with it.

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  1. DocHoliday says:

    I think the change for WoW will have far more of an impact then Diablo 3’s gameplay, but who knows how big D3 will turn out to be whenever it launches. It will be interesting to see how other MMOs react to this kind of change if Blizzard starts to announce that they’re making up their lost subscriptions of late.

    However, as every other MMO really is almost a niche game by comparison, maybe “hard” content will be the next niche?

  2. Steve says:

    I think GW2 is going to be a player in this area also. They do not have the trinity either from what I’ve seen

  3. epic.ben says:

    Oh my, where to begin. First – I appreciate your effort to provide context around Blizzard’s recent decisions, and completely agree that they’re doing this to appeal to a broader market and continue the trend of “dumbing down” WOW as part of the process. Yet I would ask whether this is a good thing, as you seem to think it is.

    Simply put – where’s the fun without a challenge? A lot of gamers, by definition, are people that like to try and “beat” the games they play, or at least enjoy putting forth some effort to get past game obstacles. It’s more or less a pyschological given that the more effort you put into something, the more enjoyment you get out of it; people – ultimately – don’t like getting everything for free.

    What I really think we’re seeing with WOW is Blizzard’s abandonment of poor game design. Other games have clearly defined class roles and do it well – games like EVE, for example, broke the “holy trinity” model years ago, but kept the idea of “class” roles intact through various ways (tacklers, logistics pilots, cyno pilots, stealth pilots, supercaps, market traders – the list of *NEEDED* roles is endless to succeed in EVE).

    In other words – the idea of class roles (even the “holy trinity” model) still has a place. Blizzard just decided that it doesn’t fit their idea of what WOW should be, as WOW evolves into a primordial ooze of skilless, easy-mode content.

    • Bootleg says:

      I get what you’re saying.

      You ask “where’s the fun without the challenge?” It’s a good question. I think that’s a question that Blizzard is continually attempting to address. The difference is that they look at it (I’d guess) from the other direction. Where’s the fun in too much challenge?

      I like a challenge. I consider myself a upper end player. What I don’t like is failing challenges because my teammates are not upper end players. Being successful in WoW isn’t about being good at playing WoW, it’s about being good at the meta game (finding the right people.) That game isn’t fun.

      Heroics in Cata are not hard with Communication, Coordination, or Cooperation. But getting CCC to happen with WoW’s famously nice player base is hard. I find no surprise that WoW’s player base is in a massive decline. Heroics are too hard for a random group of people (often consisting of douche-bags.) I quit Cata because I simply wasn’t having fun. Raids were a lot of work and Heroics often ended in disaster with lots of name calling.

      I’m back to playing Cata now, now that a group of my competent friends decided to join up and play again. That and I was bored and looking for something while I look for something better.

      I think what it comes down to is essentially linear progression + rude player base + difficult content = frustration. I big problem in WoW is that a single doucher can ruin an entire evening’s game play.

      My friend is super excited about Guild Wars 2 because of their general elimination of the holy trinity. He says “It’s going to be so great because you’ll be responsible for yourself!” I have to laugh because his success in WoW is directly related to my ability to heal through his mistakes (standing in fire, etc.)

      • Pai says:

        It’s not entirely true that in GW2 you’ll be severed from needing group support. The fact that there is an entire class of ‘Group Support’ skills in the game shows that people will still be expected to work together and help teammates in order to succeed in the larger battles, and that if someone wants to specialize in a ‘group support role’ they can do so. The fact that every class can rez and do a small heal on themselves does not mean content will become a free-for-all with nobody having to care about their groupmates.

        I don’t think removing the Trinity automatically means the death of cooperative groups. That would really depend on how the game is designed.

      • Gordon says:

        And the PUG system just makes it worse because no one wants to communicate, coordinate or cooperate :P

    • Paul says:

      Blizzard tried to up the fun by adding challenge in Cataclysm. The result has been utterly disastrous for them. They won’t make that mistake again.

    • Gordon says:

      I don’t think dumbing down the MMO genre itself is a good thing, I just think it suits World of Warcraft. After all, does anyone expect challenging gameplay for it any more? Better they just give up entirely and appeal to their target audience then try and flog a dead horse.

  4. Gazimoff says:

    I think they should try it and see how it works. I agree that people should play a role because they enjoy it, not because of the advantage it might give them in queueing for dungeons or finding groups.

    You raise a good side question though – what’s the relationship between difficulty and fun? That’s a whole different ball of wax though.

    • Gordon says:

      “what’s the relationship between difficulty and fun? That’s a whole different ball of wax though.”

      Indeed and I think it’s something that games designers have pondered for decades. Too hard and people get annoyed, too easy and people don’t feel like they’ve accomplished anything. Very tricky to get right.

  5. Nils says:

    Apart from this “fun instead of challenging” idea which is ridiculous, I think you could turn out to be correct. To replace the holy trinity with nothing, however, probably makes PvE content very boring. They would need to replace it with *something*, and not just chaos.

  6. Syl says:

    Blizzard have mistaken efficiency for fun many times in the past…I am not sure what’s currently happening at Blizzard is a sign of them wanting to improve the game, but panic of WoW losing subscribers and GW2 gaining more and more onlookers, not last thanks of the lack of trinity there. So, would it benefit WoW at this stage? I don’t know.

    personally I doubt they would remove roles in WoW very much – this is very hard so late into an accomplished game and very risky in terms of losing more players. many actually still love to heal or tank in WoW which is why they will stick to it, no matter what the next, big incoming titles will offer.

    • Pai says:

      I don’t mean to beat on a (completely decayed into dust) dead horse, but Blizzard should take a hard look on just how well the idea to remove core gameplay elements served SWG before they start lobotomizing their basic class design/gameplay structure out of a desire to increase their playerbase.

    • Gordon says:

      Yeah, you’re right, it is probably too late in the day. I wonder what their next MMO will look like though.

  7. Azuriel says:

    As mentioned, GW2 neither has tanks nor healers. They have a rather interesting page explaining their design philosophy, which is everything you talked about already. That said, I do NOT in any way believe Blizzard has the moxie OR the capability to completely transform the core trinity gameplay within WoW itself. People have been talking about the “removal of threat as a mechanic” but that is extremely misleading – all they have done is marginalized threat to the point where is becomes a non-concern. You will still need a tank in WoW.

    Of course, the irony with GW2’s model is that threat as a concept isn’t a holy trinity exclusive thing; threat is merely shorthand for whatever AI logic that an enemy uses to determine a non-random target to attack. In other words, if a boss attacks whoever is closest, then threat is gained or lost by proximity (as opposed to modified damage). And a “tankless” game simply means that whoever is attempting to soak damage changes rather than being the same person. If I throw myself between a weakened ally and a charging monster, I am the tank. If I am melee and want the boss to attack me (with my greater armor, etc) instead of the mage, I am the tank… even in a “tankless” system.

    A lot of gamers, by definition, are people that like to try and “beat” the games they play, or at least enjoy putting forth some effort to get past game obstacles.

    The problem then is that a lot of them fail spectacularly at it: the average completion rate for videogames is 10-20%. We are in the extreme, ultra-minority if “challenge” and “beating the game” are our primary motivators. After expounding a bit on the article, my conclusion is that epic single-player RPGs may end up being a thing of our prehistoric past. At least until they become retro enough to be done by indie developers. And hell, I have always wondered how long Blizzard is/was going to continue making raids their endgame focus when, for example, 71.2% of NA/EU subscribers never killed a single boss in T11.

    • Paul says:

      The 71.2% figure is probably low, since 80% of guilds tracked get their kills in 10 man raids and most likely have a single 10 man core raiding team.

    • Gordon says:

      “And hell, I have always wondered how long Blizzard is/was going to continue making raids their endgame focus when, for example, 71.2% of NA/EU subscribers never killed a single boss in T11″

      Yeah I never got it either. They seem to spend a lot of time and effort appealing to a very small audience.

  8. bhagpuss says:

    MMOs will continue to stratify. I think you’re correct to think that the mass-market end of the medium will offer increasingly lower barriers to entry but that presents no threat to those who want a different experience.

    MMOs are a sub-genre of video games, but even sub-genres stratify. Look at crime novels, for example. Crime is a genre of Fiction, but it splits into noir, country house, historical, police procedural, whodunnit, private eye etc etc. If you aren’t a fan, it’s all just “crime” and you probably just read whatever the current best-seller is, but if you’re really into it you may read nothing but books featuring elderly ladies whose cats are remarkably adept at finding clues.

    If you want there to be lots and lots of little old lady’s cat solves a murder books you’d better hope there are also plenty of those horrible violent Scandinavian sex-crime novels getting turned into movies, because their tide raises your boat. So, best of luck to Blizzard and let them dumb their MMOs down as far as they dare. Their success will feed the market and allow space for all kinds of “not that dumbed-down game” MMOs to take their shot.

  9. Jay says:

    Good post. Might want to check into rift and it’s multiple soul concept

  10. Ironyca says:

    “easy aka fun rather than challenging”
    Like the others are mentioning, these two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, fun is a very superficial and poor descriptor of how games entertain us. Yes, we have fun, but what makes them fun then?

    “Simply put, right now in their MMO, the Holy Trinity fails dramatically”
    I guess this depends on whether you’re looking at it on a macro- or micro level.
    On a microlevel, is it failing that much? You said it yourself, you’d be sad to see your tanking days come to an end.

  11. afk5min says:

    If “Diablo” kills the “Holy Trinity,” then I’m afraid. Sounds like some Book of Revelation, Armageddon kind of stuff to me.

    Seriously though, I have to agree with bhagpuss. Let Blizzard dumb it down for the masses. If that’s what the masses want, then that’s what they will get. If the removal of the holy trinity in mmo gaming actual does make gameplay easier, and Blizzard starts this trend; my question would be, is Blizzard creating the market or just reacting to what the market wants? There is room enough in mmo gaming for different companies to fill the demands of all sorts of players. But to entertain the largest market share, like Blizzard, requires pandering to the desires of the playerbase.

    • epic.Ben says:

      @afk5min @bhagpuss

      In some ways, I don’t even think it’s a market decision. WOW has been waffling for years, swinging back and forth between “appeal to hardcore raiders” “appeal to casuals” like a pendulum. Sticking to my guns … I really think the issue here is bad design. Try to make everyone happy, and you end up with … a bad game?

      • Stabs says:

        I agree I don’t think it’s a market decision. Diablo has been Everyone is Dps for almost 2 decades now, it’s been cited as an example as an alternative to Trinity gameplay throughout the last decade. Making a new Diablo game that plays like Diablo isn’t shocking.

        What is interesting though is the timing. Diablo 3 happened to be ready just as WoW’s rather shaky grasp of Trinity mechanics is finally unraveling. (I think the latest change will backfire and make less people interested in tanking). I think it’s happenstance but it’s also bloody lucky that just as the legs give way on one system they have a new alternative ready to roll.

  12. Pathak says:

    I know the point of the article is the breaking of the Holy Trinity, but can Diablo 3 really be considered an MMO?

    Can you draw a conclusion or even a chain of thought that says stuff that will happen in Diablo 3 is likely to feature in future MMOs, when Diablo 3 itself is not an MMO?

    So far, Diablo 3 seems to be a dungeon crawler with a multi-player / co-op aspect. Sure, it’s backed by Battle.net, but so is Starcraft 2, and that’s not an MMO. It’s an RTS with a well organised multi-player aspect.

    Diablo 3 has to get along without the trinity aspect, especially when you’re in single player. From what I’ve read, you only get 1 follower in single player, but I might liken that follower to being as useful as the pet in Torchlight. If configured right, they’ll add a bit of DPS, perhaps take the focus off you for a bit, and maybe even through out a group heal now and again.

    How fun would it be spend the whole time following your follower, and throwing out heals, while they soak damage and do damage? Not very. This is why lack of a holy trinity for Diablo 3 is not representative of future MMOs, it’s simply something that must be for that game, to be fun!

    • Stabs says:

      As far as market share it may as well be a MMO. The Blizzard fans who are now bored of WoW will move to it in droves. It’s persistent in some ways (your characters persist, your gear persist, even your auctions persist). It’s lobby based but GW and DDO are basically lobby games.

      D3 has the potential to capture a huge chunk of the MMO-playing public as the typical MMO player, even if not currently playing WoW, has played WoW and thinks Blizzard make very very good games.

    • Nils says:

      The reason that Diablo 3 looks like an MMO nowadays is that MMOs became more and more like Diablo in recent years.
      Sure, there no meaningful ‘world out there’ in Diablo; but is there in WoW ?

      Diablo’s strength has always been that it is quick, short-paced fun; a distraction from real life. That’s exactly what the WoW team is trying to turn WoW into since WotLK.

    • Gordon says:

      You’re right in that D3 couldn’t truly be considered a MMO however I do think the lines between MMOs and non-MMOs are starting to blend and become harder and harder to see especially as more single-player games go online and more multiplayer games become instanced.

  13. Carson says:

    One would hope that removing the trinity doesn’t necessarily mean pure chaos.

    Personally I’d like to see more fights that demand fight-specific roles. I’m thinking fights that demand the group split up (Yogg-Saron’s brain, Four Horsemen in Naxx, that fight in that Uldum instance where two people have to run and flip levers). Fights that demand kiting, like Nefarian. Fights that demand special activities, like mind control orbs on Razuvious, or the first boss in BWL back in the day.

    Ideas like this can give people important roles in group content, in fights that are more than just a bunch of people all frantically dps’ing, without the straitjacket of tanking or healing or dps’ing, based on a class choice you made hundreds of hours of gameplay earlier.

    I don’t know if any of this is relevant for Diablo 3 – if group play works the same as Diablo 2, then there won’t be any group-specific content. But hopefully the developers of Guild Wars 2 are thinking about things like this.

    • Gordon says:

      Oh I totally like the idea of people having important roles in group content but I think it can more than just ‘tank’ or ‘heal’. Like you said, it would be fights demand certain activities and thus the group/raid ends up being about organising duties to perform tasks rather than just heal the tank and DPS the boss.

  14. Lycanthrope says:

    I disagree that Blizzard will kill the stratification within WoW. Their new property maybe. One of the reason for their loss of subscribers has been the perception of lack of challenging content in Cata to date. The nerfing, not removal of the threat mechanic, will continue to make end content accessible, but at expense of removing challenge. If they are smart they will not further dumb down gameplay, because that is not what people invest large amounts of time and subscription money into WoW for.

    • Azuriel says:

      One of the reason for their loss of subscribers has been the perception of lack of challenging content in Cata to date.

      Again, that argument doesn’t make any sense. At the end of T11, ~1.1 million players can be said to have killed ONE raid boss. As in, Magmaw or Halfus (not both) at best. The number of players who killed more than one boss over the course of those seven months is less than that. Meanwhile, Blizzard lost 900,000 subscribers over the same period. Did all the raiders leave? Obviously not. Did even a perceptible percent of raiders leave? Considering raiders make up less than 30% of total NA/EU subscribers, it’s doubtful. And even if raiders left, considering 2/3rds of successful raiders nevertheless failed to kill Nefarian before 4.2, I would say that people leaving due to lack of challenge is microscopic, at best.

      We do not know who those 900,000 people are or why they left, but assuming that Blizzard is staffed with rational human beings, we can look at what they are doing in response and extrapolate from there. And what have we gotten? A nerfed T11 in time for Firelands, a 35-day daily quest chain, nerfed threat mechanics, and a costume feature.

      I think it is safe to say that the “Cata is too easy” crowd stayed put and/or are irrelevant.

      • Gordon says:

        I would agree. I think Blizzard’s moves have been designed to help keep players occupied by allowing them to fulfil their progression more easily. Put it another way, they are opening doors to new areas of gameplay to keep people more interested.

      • SKapusniak says:

        I resubbed a bit after Cata launch after not having played WoW for years. I unsubbed a couple of months later before hitting max level because Cata was ‘too easy’ for at least some dimension of easy.

        Too easy for *levelling*. I’m one of those people who doesn’t do endgames in MMOs, I level, I make alts which I also level. Cata’s levelling game difficulty was completely broken as far as I could see, everything generally going grey and becoming utterly trivial in a zone before I’d ever managed to complete the storyline for that zone, And if I joined a guild they inevitably had an XP bonus perk which made it that worse. And if I gathered or crafted I would get XP for that. And as for even thinking about doing a dungeon run as well as zone quests rather than instead of zone quests..hah!

        …oh, and the ‘must put all talent points into one tree’ thing, didn’t really make me want to make a whole bunch of alts .

        About the only thing that kept me subbed as long as I did was soloing 5-mans just about at the point they had, or were about to, drop off the dungeon finder list as too trivial for 5 people and give no XP. That seemed to be about the right difficulty for those times when I felt up for a challenge, but not for when I wanted something requiring a bit less focused concentration but still allowing me to make use more than one button on my action bar.

        So I hear that Cata’s endgame was too difficult for the people who got there or were there already. But in order to get me to that endgame, the endgame I had no interest in, in a stupidly fast time, Blizzard completely trivialised all the rest of the content, including all those zones they were so proud of rejigging. I don’t know what they were thinking.

        Other games have the same levelling disease to some extent, but Cata is by far the worst I’ve ever experienced in this regard.

        I saw other complaints along the same lines from people who played for the levelling during that time. So I think there is a ‘Cata is too easy’ faction out there. They may not be talking about the endgame tho’.

  15. Clockwork says:

    If we’re saying that Diablo 3 is killing the trinity isn’t it more apt to say that Diablo 2 did it first? There was no tank in Diablo 2 and it followed basically the same format; you looked at an isometric view of your character and ran around slaughtering monsters. It had online play with groups and it was basically a co-op slaughterfest in most cases (outside of its extremely informal PvP). All that has been done with D3 is adding the auction house and making it always online (though in D2 many players used the online feature and there was an informal auction system). They have other features yes but none that make it any more of an MMO. Really Diablo 3 is not an MMORPG in the traditional sense; it is more of an action RPG. Guild Wars 2 is closer to the idea, but I am concerned that for GW2 “support” builds will become the new healer/tank.

  16. gevlon says:

    I have to agree with Azuriel. There will always be tank and healer, simply because mitigating/healing damage is increasing overall strength of the team. Just because he won’t have a separate icon over his head and because his mitigation/healing ability is not very far from the others, he will still be tank or healer.

    Remember, MMOs are games of small %-es. People call each other noobs for small ilvl differences or a single misplaced talents. In this world, having 10% more mitigation makes me a tank and makes everyone a noob who doesn’t use this obvious advantage.

  17. [...] an excellent post over on We Fly Spitfires, where the author states his view that Blizzard are moving towards ‘all DPS’ gaming [...]

  18. smakendahed says:

    To do so, every class would have to be able to do everything and not at the flip of a switch outside of combat (like Rift does with it’s Soul system).

    It means getting rid of the concept of ‘glass’ anything. Every character would have to be equally durable whether they’re in big heavy plate or a dress. Items would become less important and more about apparel or style than function. It also means a very set scale for damage for all classes. Maybe even a complete dropping of classes and leave the player to select skills (AC1 did this).

    Perhaps more of a move towards avoidance types instead of actually relying on people to take a beating (health or HPs system). Active dodging even? (DDO tried that)


  19. Bronte says:

    Look, i am all for the way of the future and the elimination of Holy Trinity. I think we are desperate for a new tier of group roles in an MMO environment. But do you have to make so it encourages and masks bad players. I mean even now I pug with tanks that have no idea how to manage aggro, now I will never know if that person is actually good at playing the game or not, and continue to group up with the person regardless.

    I know you are all for fun > challenging. But I feel that if a game does not involve a certain level of skill, it simply isn’t for me. To use a disjointed example, Fallout 3,for a great game with an excellent premise and a stellar story, the damn thing was just too damn easy, so I ended up abandoning it halfway through.

    • Gordon says:

      Part of the issue Blizzard faces with the holy trinity is that it only really comes into affect at the level cap. Until then pretty much everyone is soloing along, grinding quests so it’s not surprise that people can’t actually tank or heal at level 85 if they’ve never done it before.

  20. Asmiroth says:

    Count the number of people who play Farmville, Angry Birds or any F2P or 1$ app and compare that to the number of people who play traditional role-based games. It does not take a mathemagician to show you that the former is miles and miles beyond the latter and more profitable to boot. Hardcore(?) games will still exist but they will be more and more niche games.

    There are simply too many choices out there to spend your money on nowdays. Given the choice between something “new” and something that we’ve seen for 6+ years (Zul instances and Molten Core bosses, really?) and restricted play times (who has 4 hours a night nowdays?) are helping to shape the future of MMOs.

    • Paul says:

      Zynga’s total revenue, from all games, is less than Blizzard’s revenue from WoW.

      The valuation of the company that makes Angry Birds is perhaps 1/10th the valuation of Activision-Blizzard.

      • Asmiroth says:

        Zynga makes about $100 million in profit per quarter and WoW makes about $150 million in profit over the same term (you can find these numbers easily from their financial reports). I use the word profit and not revenue as they are not the same.

        The point remains that the WoW model is obviously not the only profitable one and with it’s declining numbers, also likely not to be the primary one for much longer.

  21. Tesh says:

    Inasmuch as the Holy Trinity is a kissing cousin to forced grouping, I say kill it, the sooner the better. Better to have groups form because players want to play together, not because they have to. That means self-sufficiency and better tools for helping players find each other, not interdependency.

    Beside that, “threat” has always been a very artificial construct. It’s too “gamey”. Some like that, sure, but for me and my house, it gets old fast.

  22. piet puk says:

    cata IS too easy, i’m one of those players that hasn’t killed a raid boss. Heck in cata i haven’t even done a trash run. Why? since i was running 5 mans with 3 fps. And quite succesfully. it was a tad challenging in the heroics but still managable. I just bought a new computer, i’m getting 50 fps. And when i went into those same heroics, i was doubtfull of the heroic setting. It felt as if it was still on normal.

    There was no challenge to the whole of the instance, i stood there looking around at the scenery, waiting for something to heal. 5 man classic heroics have no challenge, i’ll try the troll stuff today, but i fear that won’t be fun either.

    As for the raids, i joined a FL trashrun after doing the instances, and i was shocked, the fights last a bit longer but are not demanding of me. i fear that the only challenge to this raid will be learning the dances that the bosses like, and after that the fact i have to rely on some others to do their jobs properly. But i won’t be challenged in my own gamplay by the design, most likely my challenge will come from the dps players standing in the fire again.

    • Gordon says:

      Cata has been seriously nerfed since it first came out and I can understand why. For the first few weeks there was a good atmosphere of comraderie and team spirit but eventually that just got replaced with bitching and moaning. People just don’t like hard PUGs…

  23. Damage says:

    It’s interesting that you think Blizzard is trying to get away with the Holy Trinity. You do know that of the first three MMO’s, the only one that had the Holy Trinity was EQ. Ultima Online and Asheron’s Call never had anything at all like the holy trinity because it isn’t needed in an MMO.

    Honestly I would prefer games NOT have the holy trinity becuase it limits your choices for class. In games like UO and AC, you didn’t pick, healer or tank or dps, you picked what skills you wanted and developed your character from there. In UO you could even choose NOT to be an adventuring class and just be a crafter. IMO this is a much better system than the Holy Trinity.

    • Gordon says:

      Well that’s a real sandbox system which, yes, is very nice to see. Unfortunately though it doesn’t seem to appeal to the masses as they often prefer to pick an easily identifiable role right from the first second of gameplay.

  24. Champions Onlin is already a classless game. says:

    Champions Online is already a classless game and I can say, with complete confidence that doing away with the forced Trinity is the way to go. If someone “wants” to tank, heal, or dps to the exclusion of all else, thay can, but they’re not forced to.

    Whatever flaws CO may have (and there are plenty), its classless system was fun and engaging enough that I was finally able to figure out what’d been bothering me about WoW lately and to turn my back on it…. I even dropped my sub, something I honestly didn’t see happenning.

    • Gordon says:

      I read an interesting article over on WoW Insider about the idea of making every class a hybrid and letting them tank or heal and DPS, a la SW:TOR. I think it would help a lot with the issues WoW is facing right now.

  25. [...] in World of Warcraft and the hopefully-to-be-released-soon-in-the-not-so-far-future Diablo III, people have started to wonder about the end of the age of the holy trinity. It makes sense, too. Clearly, players (on average) don’t like playing anything but impressive [...]

  26. [...] Why Blizzard Are Going To Kill The Holy Trinity (weflyspitfires.com) [...]

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