Feeling Hungry For World of Darkness

World of Darkness

I hope World of Darkness vampires sparkle in the sunlight, just like in Twilight.

I don’t know much about World of Darkness other than it involves vampires, politics, political vampires and a very loyal, slightly scary fanbase. It’s also, as far as I can gather, nothing like Twilight .

Far too many years ago, when I still a teenager, I remember being quite intrigued by the whole World of Darkness setting even though I understood little of it. All I knew was that it made vampires cool (in a dark and Machiavellian way) and was often enjoyed by Ann Rice fans and Goths alike. In fact, I had the pleasure of meeting some Vampire The Masquerade roleplayers when I was about 17 and they left quite an impression on me. Even to this day I still have a fuzzy memory of pale bosoms, fake blood and some melodramatic banter.

Since then, I dabbled a bit more in the World of Darkness mythology and thoroughly enjoyed the single player RPGs and even had a strange love/hate relationship with Kindred: the Embraced, the low budget TV show based on it. It was no Forever Knight but then things could match the cheesy, vampire glory that it offered. And yes, I’m well aware I spent far too much time watching late-night re-runs whilsy I at university in the early 2000s.

Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that even though I still don’t really understand what World of Darkness is actually all about (the TV show taught me nothing), I’m very much intrigued about the upcoming MMO based on it. Partly because of the lore and setting and partly because it’s being made by CCP, the folks behind EVE Online.

Although CCP went through a rough patch last year with their whole cash store fiasco (and seem to be constantly laying off staff), I still believe in them as a developer and their ability to create games that are… different. Love it or hate it, EVE (and all the Mittani related scandals that come with it) is certainly unique in the MMORPG world and truly the only real sandbox success story we’ve seen in it. I honestly hope that WoD will follow in the footsteps of EVE and be another strong sandbox offering.

The signs are looking pretty good too. For instance, CCP recently confirmed that the game will not only feature player elected leaders of real life cities but also a partial permadeath mechanic. Permanent death, now that’s brave. No doubt this type of full-blown sandbox game will put off a lot of people but personally I’m really excited to see a game trying some new approaches to the industry.

Plus, World of Darkness is going to have something that’s always kinda put me off from getting into EVE: a clean slate. Launch day is going to see a brand new world, unspoilt and uncharted, ready to be explored and pioneered. No big guilds occupying all the territory, no existing wars for dominance, no experienced hardcore players ready and waiting to wipe the floor with every newb who logs on. It’s going to be an open sandbox world for the taking with everyone starting at the same level on an equal footing and with no advantages. That’s exciting.

Are you looking forward to the World of Darkness MMO as much as I am?


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  1. amcl says:

    Are you going to try out ‘the secret world’ too?

  2. I’ve been looking forward to the World of Darkness since the day that Gary Gannon packed it in with the MOGArmy Podcast to take a job in Atlanta with CCP.

    I don’t know that he even still works there…it’s been *years*…

  3. pkudude99 says:

    Not really. But I did pre-order The Secret World, and if that pulls me more into this type of genre, then perhaps when WOD comes out I’ll be willing to play it.

    • Gordon says:

      I have more faith in WoD than Secret World just because of CCP’s track record versus Funcoms.

      • Same here, Secret World sounded interesting until I noticed it’s Funcom behind it.

        As for WoD, the fanfest presentation made me cautiously optimistic. CCP has recovered well, and overall has a good record, I trust them nearly as much again as I trust Blizzard. So I hope they’ll do this well. EVE is wearing on me, and I love the WoD setting, so I’d be most pleased to make that my new home.

  4. Lars says:

    The only good MMORPG probably ever made… So can’t wait… Since 2006 waiting, now finally in “full” production.
    By the way, all the infos we know so far you can check out at http://www.themasquera.de/world-of-darkness

    PS: Secret World was the only other MMORPG I was slightly interested in, but after the awful beta. No thanks.

  5. SlothBear says:

    A lot of the mechanics of the game sound interesting. I have my eye on this one, but it’s too soon to say whether I’d have any interest in playing or not. Player politics are always a plus to me.

  6. Overflow says:

    I’ll keep an eye on it and likely play it when it releases just to see how different it is from the standard in the genre. I’m more excited for the possibility that the game can be drastically different and still popular/profitable (another EvE) to help the genre develop, than I am in the actual content. Though, I assume that will change as I read more about it.

  7. hordemaster says:

    I for one am a big fan of White Wolf, the company that created the Vampire the Masquerade series of games. So yes, I would play this!

  8. Rubel says:

    I remember playing a little of the PnP games with friends and having some fun. The mechanics were an interesting shift from D&D. But while the overall setting had its points, I remember finding the Clans sort of heavy-handed. I guess they needed something to communicate a “class” role to a bunch of RPGers used to such things, and it gave them foils with which to show off their setting.
    But what really made the WoD come alive (undead?) for me was finally getting around to playing Troika’s Vampire:Bloodlines game. I played it later on, after fan patches had fixed the bugs…and it tells a wonderful story with sharp and tangy characters. The Clans seem less dorky when you see them as carving out niches for themselves in a rough world…and you’re given a choice to follow them or go elsewhere.
    It’s a worthy setting, and it reminds us of what both CCP and Funcom can capitalize upon if they make it an interesting world to play in.

  9. Ravven says:

    I’ve said for years that WoD was the IP that I would be most excited to see made as an MMO, and was extremely excited when the news came out that it was actually in development. I just worry that CCP treats it a bit like a red-headed stepchild. At one point, I’d lost hope that we would ever see it.

    I would dearly love to resurrect my VtM character. <3

  10. scott says:

    “I hope World of Darkness vampires sparkle in the sunlight, just like in Twilight.”

    I don’t think you get this series at all. The vampires die in the sun. Its nothing like twilight. This was the most ridiculous statement ever.

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