Guild Wars 2 vs Patch 5.0.4 – Which To Play?

Guild Wars 2 wallpaper

Awesome artwork doesn't make my decision any easier

Tomorrow sees both the official release of Guild Wars 2 and the arrival of the World of Warcraft 5.0.4 patch that revamps all the classes and the entire talent system. Now I’m excited about Guild Wars but I’m also excited about this huge WoW patch, eagerly awaiting the arrival of them both. But which to play? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

(And unless you’re British and watch a lot of TV, you probably had no idea what that last reference was about.)

Of course, it comes as neither a surprise nor a coincidence that Blizzard decided to release their mega-patch on the exact same day as GW2 comes out and, no doubt, it’s put a heck of a lot of people in a tough spot figuring out which one to play, just like me. I’ve purposefully avoided both betas so honestly have very little knowledge of what to expect from either release other than what I’ve read online, a thought that I actually find sadly thrilling in this day and age of prolonged, open access betas with zero NDAs.

Now, I would’ve pre-ordered GW2 and started playing it on Saturday had it not been for the ridiculous sum of money ArenaNet wanted for the digital version. £49.99 for a downloadable copy is just crazy when I can buy it in the shops for £34.99 on Tuesday. Will the digital price come down tomorrow after the head start ends? I can only hope so but, even if it does, the idea of paying so much for three days of earlier play seems a little crazy. Regardless, I still find the whole concept of paying so much more for digital versions of games rather infuriating. Anyway, I’m digressing.

Guild Wars 2 does look very fun and appealing even if I’m still not holding my breath for a revolution in the MMORPG industry regardless of how much ArenaNet claim it be so (I may be wrong though). Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a just having a jolly good game and the new patch in WoW (and the following expansion) is hardly going to be particularly ground breaking either. Still, WoW is a game that I’ve played for a long time now and the thought of seeing some of its redundant mechanics overhauled, new class experiences put in a place and a whole new talent system simply tickles me pink.

So I guess it boils down to a case of the new vs the old, the unexpected vs the familiar and the £49.99 vs the free (honestly I’m wondering if I even need to bother buying MoP considering everyone will be able to play Pandas anyway). Hell, I’m sure I’ll end up getting GW2 at some point anyway but right now, for this week, it’s a jolly tough decision.

Which should I play? Guild Wars 2 or WoW patch 5.0.4

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    I’m hardly the person to ask. I’d rather re-install Warhammer and play on the last dying server than play WoW. Not that WoW is bad – I liked my time there, all three months of it – just that once I stopped playing I’ve never felt the slightest urge to go back.

    GW2 isn’t a paradigm shift but it is huge, deep, fascinating and gorgeous. You should have played The Secret World for the last two months though – that’s great too.

  2. Syl says:

    I would seriously recommend to anyone into MMOs and pondering GW2 right now – don’t. don’t overthink it, just get the game already and see for yourself. it’s a tremendous bang for the money, considering there’s no sub and as somebody who is deep into this genre, you already know there’s no way around it, anyway. ;)

    I keep reading some bloggers talking about “what ANet said” and “can it all be true” etc etc….now is the time to drop the theory and test this new and shiny game yourself.
    the best advice I have for you! as for WoW, with that decision I can’t help you (although between a 8+year old song and a new shinier one, I personally know what I’d do if it was one vs the other. how often do you get to be there for a new AAA+ MMO launch? how many more are left to us?…..). Good luck with your decision!

  3. spinks says:

    Well, the patch isn’t up until Wed, as you say. If you want to play 5.04, do that since it has some temporary story stuff that will go away when MoP launches. GW2 is fun but it’ll still be fun in a month or two’s time.

  4. Rose says:

    Playing GW2 for the past couple of days and am hooked!

  5. Chris says:

    Guild Wars 2 without a doubt. At the end of the day, WoW will still be WoW. GW2, on the other hand, will offer you a new experience, however revolutionary you feel it to be. To be specific, even if you walk away thinking they’re not delivering on the grand level they promised, it is still an incredibly well done game that changes and enhances mechanics that have grown stale over the years.

    The question could also be put like this: Do I want to see steps forward in a genre or steps to catch up with the pack? Even if GW2 fails (which it won’t… It delivers enough to hold its own, plus no subscription fee) it is still advancing things and changing expectations more than wow may even be able to anymore.

    Also, I guarantee you find more blog topics with Guild Wars! (hint hint… ;-) )

  6. Kerlon says:

    It would not take long to see new things in WoW (it did not take long for me on PTR). Well, may be it will if you play a lot of classes. And after that there will not be much to do in WoW again. So may as well do both.

  7. Umrtvovacz says:

    I am sorry Gordon, I was writing a response to your statement about revolution in GW2, and it got so big I rather published it on my blog. So if you would please consider reading it, I would be glad.

    Thanks, Umrtvovacz

  8. Leah says:

    GW2 IMO. its a beautiful game. familiar enough not to get completely lost, yet different enough to give you plenty to explore. plus I distinctly remember Blizzard having trouble keeping the game stable after every single major patch.

  9. flosch says:

    I’ll play the counterpoint and say, go play The Secret World. There are two reasons for it:

    1) In my opinion, it is far and away the best game released so far this year. Yes, that’s an opinion, and I know many people favor GW2, but yeah. GW2 will still be there in a month or two when the servers are actually stable. Which leads me to point 2:

    2) The Secret World needs support right now. It’s an underappreciated game, and underachieving by the metrics somebody in the suits section at Funcom threw together; I assume blinded by other inflated expectations by other games (that also failed to reach them). TSW can use every subscriber right now to hopefully keep momentum with their ambitious content release cycles.

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  11. Guild Wars 2 for sure! After trying almost every MMO that has been released since after WoW came out, this is finally a game where I don’t miss little bits of WoW, this game, although still new, is so much more fun to me.

  12. mmo rpg says:

    It would not take long to see new things in WoW (it did not take long for me on PTR). Well, may be it will if you play a lot of classes. And after that there will not be much to do in WoW again. So may as well do both.

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