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I say “returning” but the fact is I never really left, not in the sense of unsubscribing at least (I wonder how much money subscription games make out of people not bothering to cancel their sub?). Although I still logged in to dabble on occasion, I haven’t seriously played WoW since Diablo 3 came out in May and have been busy since doing other things like playing other games, working and enjoying the summer. Truth be told though, there really hasn’t been much reason to log in to WoW for a long, long time – the new patch and imminent MoP release has changed that though.

Going back to WoW is certainly an interesting experience. It’s got a comforting familiarity to it which proves to be a nice constant in a busy live and the experience of leveling alts and rampaging through PvP battlegrounds remains as enjoyable as ever. Plus the new talent system and class changes are very welcome, especially to someone like me who likes rolling alts and PvPing. Finally, I can PvP with pretty much any talent specialisation without the fear of being gimped. It’s rather liberating.

Likewise, having avoided the beta completely, I’m quite looking forward to the Mists of Pandaria expansion. I can’t say I care a huge amount for playable Pandas but I’m sure I’ll have fun playing through their starting area with an alt. The new level cap, new content, new dungeons and new PvP battlegrounds will probably also keep me occupied for a couple of months. Pet battles will probably amuse me the whole of 15 minutes but each to their own.

No doubt this familiarity and habitual coziness is something that has helped WoW thrive over the years. Playing it so darn safe and easy, it’s like a vacation for my worries (and my mind) as I whittle away a couple of hours doing absolutely sod all. It’s as gloriously lethargic as it is in making me feel guilty, knowing that I should probably be doing something more constructive with my time other than accumulate worthless honour points.

But it’s not going to last. As fun as it is, returning to WoW this time has filled me an impending sense of closure, a feeling that this venture into Azeroth is going to be my last. I guess there’s just only so long you can play a game before you get royally sick of it and, unless Blizzard finally hire a bunch more staff and light a fire under their asses to produce expansions faster than every two years, I think it’s probably going to be a while before I return to WoW after I tire of MoP.

Of course, this is no bad thing. No one said MMORPGs have to last you forever. I played Everquest and Everquest 2 for several years each before moving on and I look back at my time there fondly. It’s just part of the cycle of (MMO) life.

Another way of looking at all of this too is that WoW is going to tide me over until the RIFT expansion releases in November. Or ArenaNet ends their ridiculous self-inflicted digital sales embargo on Guild Wars 2. I heard a rumour that it will finally be available to purchase again next year. I might get to play it one day.


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  1. amcl says:

    I love WoW. What I miss is our quests together and the fun we all had. If we could re-kindle that, then I’d certainly get the bug again and play and play.
    Unfortunately, it’s a time sink and I can’t justify spending too much time in WoW. Too many projects.

    The photo attached to this blog brings back so many great memories :) I don’t think we’ll ever recreate that day when we took down that Dino and screeched into our headsets. Those were ace days. Best gaming days, since you and I didn’t sleep to complete Super Mario 3 or the time we all played Quake until we completed it, only for the game to crash at the very end!

  2. bhagpuss says:

    Um… why didn’t you buy a box copy of GW2 from Amazon? We bought anther two to give us two accounts each. Not only were the box copies available but they were £15 cheaper than the Digital Download, if I recall the prices correctly. Certainly significantly cheaper, anyway.

    I’m not a WoW fan but I did enjoy it for the relatively short time I played it. With the best possible will in the world, though, WoW in 2012 compared to GW2 is like comparing a black and white episode of Dickson of Dock Green with The Wire.

    • Gordon says:

      I tried this weekend but it’s currently unavailable. The only copies they have are through a third party seller at £59.99 each and I really don’t want to pay that much. I should’ve pre-ordered it but oh well… I can wait…

      • bhagpuss says:

        Wow! (Highly inappropriate exclamation of surprise there). I suppose that’s obvious when you stop and think about it, that the boxes would run out, since making space for a specific number of boxes was why they turned off the digital tap. I just didn’t connect those dots.

        I wonder if they’re going to add more hardware or wait for activity to subside then release more to refill the slots that frees up?

        • Gordon says:

          “I wonder if they’re going to add more hardware or wait for activity to subside then release more to refill the slots that frees up?”

          This is what I’m wondering. I would’ve thought they would have just added some more servers as it’s been sold out for quite some time now. Or perhaps they’re just waiting for the rush to subside and people to stop playing.

          • João Carlos says:

            Well, I think you can go happy now, Anet reopened GW2 digital sales.

            But you certainlly will not get the discount you thought you were to get after one or two weeks after game launch. Problaby you will not see a discount until next year…

  3. Umrtvovacz says:

    This “ridiculous self-inflicted digital sales embargo on Guild Wars 2″ is to protect us, paying customers who have already bought the game, most of us even before it was launched, from lags and queues. Anet just doesn’t have enough capacity to handle all those people wanting to play the game, and choose to stop selling more copies instead of ruining the game for everyone. The game is just doing much better then they expected. Can you blame them after what happened to all non-WoW MMOs in last few years?

  4. Twan says:

    I thought about it and even got a scroll cast on me to come back to wow.
    I was quickly overwhelmed with all the new changes and wanted a simplier experience.
    I closed WoWLive and logged onto an EMU server that is V1.12, much more satisfying and it captures the nostalgic effect I was seeking.

  5. Squidbeard says:

    “As fun as it is, returning to WoW this time has filled me an impending sense of closure, a feeling that this venture into Azeroth is going to be my last.”

    Get out of my head!

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