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Thoughts On Returning To WoW

Killing T-Rex

The real reason dinosaurs became extinct

I say “returning” but the fact is I never really left, not in the sense of unsubscribing at least (I wonder how much money subscription games make out of people not bothering to cancel their sub?). Although I still logged in to dabble on occasion, I haven’t seriously played WoW since Diablo 3 came out in May and have been busy since doing other things like playing other games, working and enjoying the summer. Truth be told though, there really hasn’t been much reason to log in to WoW for a long, long time – the new patch and imminent MoP release has changed that though.

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Guild Wars 2 vs Patch 5.0.4 – Which To Play?

Guild Wars 2 wallpaper

Awesome artwork doesn't make my decision any easier

Tomorrow sees both the official release of Guild Wars 2 and the arrival of the World of Warcraft 5.0.4 patch that revamps all the classes and the entire talent system. Now I’m excited about Guild Wars but I’m also excited about this huge WoW patch, eagerly awaiting the arrival of them both. But which to play? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

(And unless you’re British and watch a lot of TV, you probably had no idea what that last reference was about.)

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Do Older MMOs Have The Advantage?

Pandaren Monk Fighting

Playable Pandas. Still more popular than any other MMO.

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that it’s been quite a while since any new MMO has been released that’s been a major success. I don’t mean to the degree of being a WoW-killer or anything either, I just mean a recent MMO that’s done, y’know, well. RIFT’s probably the latest MMO that I can think of that’s actually proven to be commercially viable and even then I doubt it’s flaunting hundreds of thousands of subscribers. SW:TOR, The Secret World, Final Fantasy XIV, even DCU Online and Star Trek Online, all seem to just be limping by. What gives?

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Are F2P MMOs Just Not Very Good?

SW:TOR Bounty Hunter

SW:TOR's subscription fee... just went up in flames.

“Are F2P MMOs just not very good?” I asked myself this very question the other week when I heard the news that, surprise surprise, SW:TOR was going to ditch it’s subscription model and go free-to-play instead. Of course, everyone and their donkey had predicted this months ago so it didn’t come as much of a shock, aside from perhaps how quickly it happened. I think most of us were expecting it to take a few more months.

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Recommend Me Some Holiday Entertainment

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush, the perfect holiday game. Just a shame I've already finished it.

I’m away on holiday next week and, frankly, I can’t wait. I’ve been working flat out these past few weeks and the idea of escaping from it all for a short while is very appealing. Plus, y’know, the sun and warmth of somewhere other than Scotland won’t go amiss. Someone told me we had a sunny day here once but I quickly disregarded that as an old wives’ tale.

Anyway, of course me being the complete technocrat of Generation Y that I am, as much as I wish I could, I’m simply unable to lie on the beach and contemplate my naval. No sir, I need something to keep me constantly entertained and distract my befuddled mind in-between swimming, napping and stuffing my face hole with the local cuisine. Meditation is not my strong point.

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Should I Get The Secret World?

The Secret World

Katanas and guns, everything a person could want in a game.

I’m really struggling with this one. Usually I know long in advance of any MMO being released whether or not I’m going to buy it. I knew I was going to get SW:TOR way before its released date was ever announced, I know for certain I’m going to be picking up Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in August and the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria and Storm Legion expansions are total no-brainers but The Secret World? It really has me on the fence.

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Geeks vs The World


Is it wrong that I can decide if I'm a Star Wars geek or a Star Trek geek?

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger B.J. Keeton who, apart from writing a great blog, is also trying to bolster support for his dreams of publishing a novel via Kickstarter. His article here ponders the age old problem that faces all geeks at some point. No not acne, or poor hygiene, or even predictable sterotypes but rather if being a true geek will ever be accepted by the mainstream.

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