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F2P: Legitimate Business Model Or Last Desperate Maneuver Of The Dying?

Champions Online

Captain Glowy Hand was very popular during power cuts

What do you get when you cross a one year old game, a dwindling player population and a current trend to reinvigorate revenue through an alternative payment model? A Free-2-Play MMO! Yes, that rather catty but nonetheless accurate statement (oh I’m such a bitch aren’t I?) was brought to you by the news that Champions Online is following the recent paths of DDO, LOTRO and EQ2 and going F2P.

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Champions Online To Integrate With Twitter

The Champions Online State of the Game report on the 25th June saw the announcement that you’ll be able to update your Twitter account with messages using a /tweet command. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter as much as the next guy (maybe even more so) but is this really necessary? Are we just going to be bombarded with constant tweets like “ding, level 5″ from now on?

This certainly seems like a very shrewd move from Cryptic. Not only to get they get to ride the social networking bandwagon but they’re essentially getting themselves some free marketing by letting players broadcast information about the game for them. I can imagine that thousands of Twitterers (or Twittizens… yeah I just made that up – go me!) tweeting about a new piece of equipment they just looted every 5 minutes will attract some attention.

I guess I would be less cynical if the integration actually allowed you to see your full home timeline and everyone else’s tweets. As it stands it will just be liking sticking cotton wool in your ears and shouting at people (OK, OK, I know that’s pretty much exactly all that Twitter is but please bear with me here guys – I’m trying to work up a rant). To me, Twitter is all about communicating and interacting with others – getting people’s feedback and thoughts is the entire point of it. Well, it’s still early days, maybe we’ll see this progress some more until it really is a full and complete integration.

So what do you think? Great idea or a cheap marketing ploy?

Champions Online integrating with Twitter is:

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