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DC Universe Online Delayed. Cataclysm Claims First Victim.

DCU Online - The Batcave

Chillin' with his homies in the Batcave. So much like Batman.

Remember how a few days ago I was shocked to discover that DCU Online was going to be released in less than a month, on the very day of November 2nd no less? Well, now it’s not. Nope, due to *cough* no apparent reason DC Universe Online has been delayed until “early 2011″. Oh coincidence, thy name is Cataclysm.

Yes, if you’ve managed to pick up on the subtle wittery that was plaguing this article’s title and first paragraph then you’ll probably have honed in on the fact that I’m blaming the imminent release of Blizzard’s next WoW expansion for this timely delay. Let’s be fair though, it’s a pretty logical conclusion to come to considering not only do Warcraft expansions have a tendency to dominate the industry and chew up any small fry MMO that happens to get in the way but also SOE announced the news a mere 24 hours after the official release date for Cataclysm was set. Hmmm indeedy.

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DC Universe Online – Looking Good

Aside from MMOs my other great passion has always been comic books (DC, Marvel, indie, you name it) and although you would’ve thought comic based MMOs were my ultimate fantasy I’ve always actually been rather skeptical of them. I played City of Heroes and Champions Online when they first came out but never thought much of them (even though by all accounts CoX has shaped up into a fun game) and for some reason I’ve just always had an inherent dislike to the mixing of the two together as I never felt that the core concepts of what would make a good comic book video game could exist in the MMO genre. Simply put, comic book MMOs plain don’t work.

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