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Are EVE Online Players Really That Naive?

EVE Online Ship

EVE Online. Where being an investment banker makes you bad ass.

So apparently there was another bank heist in EVE Online, this time the biggest, craziest, most scandalicious ever seen in New Eden (they always say that though). Except heist is completely the wrong word for it because using that term conjures up connotations of an exciting bank job undertaken by a team of charismatic scoundrels (probably sporting pencil thin moustaches, slicked back hair and suave British accents), fighting against the odds to break into some deeply secured bank vault and then escaping with their lives after an exhilarating fire fight. That didn’t happen here.

Instead what really happened was a scam, pure and simple, and a pretty obvious one at that. Based upon the classic Ponzi scheme (he says as if he’s an old hand at conning people), the two chaps who perpetrated the fraud, Mordor and Eddie, ran a simple business of offering to accept other player’s investment and then paying out 5% interest on their funds back to them every week, y’know just like a bank. If any banks in the world were actually offering 5% interest that is. After a few months though the dirty duo closed up shop, said cheerio, and walked off with all the money everyone had ever deposited with them.

Well duh.

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We’re Just Grown Men Who Like To Play With Dolls

EVE Monocle

I shudder to think how much a pair of glasses would cost

Y’know, all of the fuss that’s being caused by EVE’s ridiculously over priced in-game NEX store has tickled me a little. Not because I find the idea of charging $68 for a monocle humorous but rather because, regardless of how old, wise, intelligent, grown-up or otherwise sophisticated and cool we become, we’re still just kids who like to play dress up with our dolls.

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EVE Fighting Back In The Face Of Cataclysm

EVE Online

In space no can hear you insult your enemies from the safety of your armchair

I don’t know what proportion of EVE Online players also have an interest in World of Warcraft and, judging by what I know of the EVE player base, it’s probably not very large but, nonetheless, it seems like CCP are taking every precaution when it comes to ensuring that they keep their population numbers up. On Monday I received a nice little email from them telling me I could reactivate my account (I had deactivated it over the summer) for five free days of play any time before November 21st. They also topped off the deal by offering me a 33% discounted subscription for two months if I renewed after the five free days. Awesome – just in time for Incursion, an expansion I was planning to check out anyway.

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EVE Delivers Great Head

Minmatar Brutor Female

There is little need for hairdressers in New Eden

I’ve got to admit, when I first heard that EVE was updating it’s character protrait creation system in the Incursion expansion I was not expecting anything close to what CCP are releasing. I was, without a doubt, blown completely away.

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Why You Should Never Trust Anyone In EVE Online

EVE Online

In space no one can hear you betray.

I read an interesting article over at the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah today about how one of the alliances in EVE Online, the Ushra’Khan, had been disbanded just a few days ago after being infiltrated by one of their enemies over the course of a year. Although I’ve never been able to engage in that stratosphere of gameplay in EVE (yet) I still love reading about these stories and try to follow the goings-on throughout New Eden as much as possible. To me, this constant struggle between corporations and alliances for dominance is a real attraction of its sandbox design. It’s not necessarily about PvP either but rather more the idea that individuals can actually shape the virtual universe around them and that their actions have impact and consequences. CCP call it the butterfly effect, I call it darn cool.

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EVE Offline

I enjoy reading about newcomer’s experiences to EVE Online as it’s like watching a mouse trying to negotiate a maze in some crazy science experiment (my Physics classes at school were fun). With the game being so much more difficult to comprehend and master than most MMOs (I’ve been playing for a while now and still have absolutely no clue what I’m doing), it provides a lot more entertaining stories and thought provoking articles than other games, at least for me anyway. Give me the intelligent librarian over the bimbo any day.

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How Do I Make Money In EVE Online?

I’ve been having a spot of bother making money in EVE Online and was hoping to get some tips from veterans to help me out. Although I was subscribed to the game for a while last year and recently resubscribed a couple of weeks ago, I still consider myself a big old EVE nooby noob. It’s not a game I’m currently pumping huge hours into as I just don’t have the time right now but I do enjoy dabbling around with it on my weekends and slowly sowing the seeds of my galactic empire /strokes moustache maniacally.

Although I know it can be lucrative, I’m not a big fan of mining or general commodities trading so they’ve not been options I’ve explored much. I far prefer to blast things into tiny bits of space shrapnel which is why I’ve been mainly focusing on running missions and salvaging with my Cormorant. However, the cash is pretty poor. For each T1 mission I’m maybe getting around 100-500k ISK and that seems pretty low (I remember getting more from selling salvaged items last year). I’m assuming T2+ missions will give me more money so right now I’m trying to get enough cash together to buy and fit a Gallente Cruiser. Now I could just keep grinding away until I get enough cash but surely there must be an easier way?

Tipa and a few others suggested ninja salvaging as a tactic when I asked on Twitter and it’s sorely tempting although it would require me temporarily halting skill development on my main and skilling up and equipping an alt. As I was wisely advised, it’s apparently not a good idea to ninja salvage with any character you want to maintain a reasonable reputation for.

So if anyone has any words of wisdom or sagely advice about earning a buck or profiteering then I’d love to hear them. I don’t need to become a mega-zillionaire, just having a reasonable cash flow to kick start me into PvP and some more serious combat would be nice.

Of course, I could just buy PLEX and sell them for a small fortune to get me going but somehow that doesn’t seem as fulfilling to me as earning the cash myself in-game.


P.S. Is there a Gevlon blog equivalent for EVE Online? Preferably without the right wing craziness ;)