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EverQuest Next: Return Of The Sandbox

Everquest Next

We don't know much about EQNext but I'm pretty sure its box cover art will feature women warriors in metal bikinis

Word on the street is that Everquest Next is going to be a sandbox MMO, a huge one by all accounts. Colour me surprised. Just as I thought SOE were out of tricks, they go and play a blinder on us. I was honestly prepared for the next installment of my beloved EQ franchise to be yet another attempt at a themepark WoW clone. Good for SOE.

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Everquest 3

Everquest Firiona Vie

SOE's successful "You're in our world now" slogan stirred a lot of emotions in teenage boys.

So a few days ago SOE announced their next MMO in the Everquest series called, cleverly enough, Everquest Next (for some reason Everquest 3 just didn’t have a nice enough ring to it). I was very surprised when I heard the news as well as a little bewildered. At first I thought it was just another low-key video game like their Playstation 2 or PDA versions but nope, it’s apparently a real, full-blown, fully fledged MMORPG. Neat.

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