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What I’m Up To

Game of Thrones infographic

I still don't know who half the people are

It’s been quite a while since I last posted so I figured I’d enlighten my lovely readers (anyone still there?) with a glimpse of what I’ve been up to recently. It’s nothing exciting. As much as I would like to enthrall you all with some sexy tale of sexy spyness or something (I did watch Skyfall the other week, I guess that’s something), I’ve pretty much been consumed by work. Yep, it keeps me busy. That and I don’t actually think there’s been a huge load of excitement in the MMO world this past month. I suppose it’s just that time of year.

Anyway, here’s some tidbits from behind the scenes.

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Turning Four

Four Year Old Panda

I've been playing far too much Mists of Pandaria

The week before last (Christmas Day, to be precise), this blog turned four years old, an incredible feat considering I can vividly remember the day I started it and wondering to myself it would ever survive a year or prove to be even the least bit popular. Well, as fortune would have it, We Fly Spitfires (honestly, I don’t know why I picked that name) is stick alive and kicking and enjoyed (I’m assuming that at least some of you aren’t complete masochists) by thousands of people from around the world. Amazing, really.

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You Should Buy Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 Engineer

There's nothing like wielding a huge cannon to make me feel like a man

Torchligh 2 is better than Diablo 3. There, I’ve said it. And yes, I know it’s not professional to compared games to each like that but considering I’m just a hobbyist blogger, I figured I can get away with it. So I’ll say this: Torchlight 2 is everything I hoped Diablo 3 was going to be.

This isn’t to say that D3 was a bad game ’cause it wasn’t. It was good, very good in fact, but ultimately, for me at least, it lacked something that Torchlight 2 has in spades – soul. It was like Diablo 3 was so polished, so perfectly inspected, considered, trimmed and balanced that in the process Blizzard forgot to give it any sort of personality or identity. They were so busy trying to force people down their singular vision of gameplay that the game ended up being slightly hollow as an ironic side effect. From its ridiculously easy nature and lack of character customisation to permanent online restriction and game-breaking Auction House, D3 was over-thought and over-worked. Torchlight 2, in comparison, is rough and ready, a by-product of a smaller team and a lower budget and, as a result, it’s a better game for it.

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Recommend Me Some Holiday Entertainment

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush, the perfect holiday game. Just a shame I've already finished it.

I’m away on holiday next week and, frankly, I can’t wait. I’ve been working flat out these past few weeks and the idea of escaping from it all for a short while is very appealing. Plus, y’know, the sun and warmth of somewhere other than Scotland won’t go amiss. Someone told me we had a sunny day here once but I quickly disregarded that as an old wives’ tale.

Anyway, of course me being the complete technocrat of Generation Y that I am, as much as I wish I could, I’m simply unable to lie on the beach and contemplate my naval. No sir, I need something to keep me constantly entertained and distract my befuddled mind in-between swimming, napping and stuffing my face hole with the local cuisine. Meditation is not my strong point.

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Geeks vs The World


Is it wrong that I can decide if I'm a Star Wars geek or a Star Trek geek?

The following is a guest post from fellow blogger B.J. Keeton who, apart from writing a great blog, is also trying to bolster support for his dreams of publishing a novel via Kickstarter. His article here ponders the age old problem that faces all geeks at some point. No not acne, or poor hygiene, or even predictable sterotypes but rather if being a true geek will ever be accepted by the mainstream.

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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is (And How I Made Diablo 3 Fun Again)

Hardcore Barbarian

So hardcore I don't even need to cover my nipples

I went through a spate of not logging into Diablo 3 for a few days and was going to write some ranty post about how I was utterly bored of it due to it’s exceedingly trivial easiness. I mean, playing with my level 28 Wizard is quite alike the good old days of activating god mode in Doom (iddqd) and walking around blasting everything without a care in the world. Quite literally I cannot die. Even boss fights are a breeze as all I do is wonder up to chaps like Belial, stand right in front of their drooling chops, activate Diamond Skin, and spew forth Disintegrate right into their ugly gobs. Hardly tactical.

And then I remember something Tobold mentions a lot – he usually points out how people who complain about games (or feel nostalgic for old ones), never do anything about it. So I thought I would. So I rolled a hardcore character.

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We Fly Spitfires Turns Three Today

Third birthday monkey

Look mum, I'm a big boy now!

Today is the 25th December. It marks the birth of Jesus, the coming of Santa Claus, the constitution of the Chinese Republic, and general festivities and merriment all round. It also marks the day that this blog was created. Yes, whilst everyone else across the Western world was opening presents, tucking into turkey and trying to avoid family arguments, I was busy huffing and puffing, giving birth to the blogging monstrosity known as We Fly Spitfires (you can thank me for the mental image later).

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