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Comics Enter The 21st Century. Finally.

Justice League issue 1 - 2011

DC's relaunch includes a skanky Wonder Woman and a fashion conscious Superman.

Regular readers will know that I’m a bit of a comic book geek and, aside from MMOs, they are one of my biggest hobbies. I wouldn’t say that I was extremely into them or a diehard fanboi or anything like that but I’ve been reading and purchasing my favourite series on a weekly basis since I was a teenager. However, over the past two or three years, it’s become harder and harder for me to keep up the hobby. Until now.

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Game Of Thrones And The Problem With Fantasy Sagas

Game of Thrones. Nothing like betrayal and incest to spice up a fantasy saga.

Game of Thrones. Nothing like betrayal and incest to spice up a fantasy saga.

I’ve been watching the Game of Thrones TV series and reading the latest book, A Dance with Dragons, recently and originally was going to post some thoughts I’d be having about it all on Google+ but then decided to write it up as a blog post instead as a more in-depth article. Aside from being the perfect setting for a politically motivated MMORPG (hopefully one day), Game of Thrones is the type of gritty, dark fantasy that I really enjoy, a welcome change from the happy-clappy hobbit and elven filled crap that usually plagues the genre. Suffice to say the first few books were hugely enjoyable and the TV show is rather excellent. However the latest book isn’t stimulating me in nearly the same way as the first three did (I found A Feast For Crows rather lackluster too) and, the more I read it, the more I not only grow weary of the whole setting but the more I worry about the future of the TV show too. Unfortunately the entire saga is starting to suffer from something I like to refer to as ‘Robert Jordan Syndrome’.

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So, I Started My Own Company

One day we'll get a photo of a gorilla sitting in the jungle holding an iPad...

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much the past couple of months as I used to in the past which, I agree, is shamefully abysmal and something I hope to rectify soon. I haven’t lost interest in the MMORPG world or blogging (actually it’s quite the opposite – I’m more keen than ever), I just haven’t had a whole lot of free time lately. In fact, I haven’t had any. Because well, as the title of the post probably gave away, I’ve started my own business.

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It’s Good To Be Geek

Geek Inside

Only geeks could mock an already geeky logo

When I was a teen I was very selfconscious of my geekness and used to downplay it around strangers and anyone of the opposite sex. It wasn’t as if I was I one of those guys who went around with a ponytail, long black trenchcoat and a Red Dwarf t-shirt quoting Monty Python all of the time anyway (although I was to encounter a fair share of them in later life, so many so in fact that I now have to restrain myself from immediately punching someone in the balls if they so much as utter the words “knights who say ni” anywhere near me) but I just figured, without much to back it up, that people didn’t like geeks. Especially girls.

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500th Post


500. 2.5 x my height in cm, 16.6 x my shoe size in inches and one day my weight in lbs.

I had a pleasant little surprise today when I logged into my blog and discovered that I’ve now made 500 blog posts (making this the 501st). Now I’m not one to let inconsequential milestones slip me by so I figured it was worth announcing and celebrating. Huzzah to me!!

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We Fly Spitfires Turns Two Today

Second Birthday

Fact: I started this blog the day after I got engaged. Yep, I know where my priorities lie.

Christmas Day is for opening presents, getting stuffed on food and spending time with la familia (I’m talking about one’s family and not the Mexican drug cartel, of course). It’s also a day for blogging, sneaking in MMO play time and dodging horrendous amounts of incoming wife aggro, all things I’m very good at considering this blog was born on Christmas Day exactly two years ago. To put it another way, it’s this itty-bitty-bloggy-woggy’s second birthday. Huzzah!

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We Don’t Need More Stuff

God of Materialism by Chen Wenling

"God of Materialism" by Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling. Probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

This article isn’t aimed squarely at MMOs although it’s no coincidence that I’m writing it right as the Rift beta is upon us. I checked out their preview movies, thought to myself that it looked nice enough and then wondered why it even needs to exist. I guess I’ve been feeling very Buddhistic (is that even a word?!) lately because I can’t help but feel that we’re now surrounded by so much junk and crap in our lives that it’s becoming a major distraction. Do we really need more things to entertain and preoccupy us?

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