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What Laptop Should I Get?

Aion on a laptop

Aion running on a laptop? Probably just a screensaver.

It’s that time of life again when hardware starts to die, make strange noises and overheats enough to fry the treasured contents of the lap on which it sits atop. Yep, my notebook is on it’s last legs and it’s about time I got a new one, a matter that I need a bit of help and advice with.

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This Is Not A MMORPG Post #2

The Dark Knight Returns

Aside from being the world's greatest detective, Batman was also very adept at balancing himself on overhead telephone cables

It’s not often that I depart from the MMORPG topic of my blog but I’m feeling rather whimsical today and wanted to write a personal related article. Oh how I’m sure a portion of you sit around waiting to hear about the next exciting installment in my private life with bated breath and if you’re one of those folks then in you’re for a real treat over the next few hundred words. And if you’re not, well, why not sit back and relax anyway and try to enjoy my words engulfing you like warm chocolate mousse.

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Starcraft 2 Bullet Point Review

Starcraft 2

After watching War of the Worlds for a 5th time, the Protoss decided to create the Colossus

Yes, I’ll admit it, much of my spare time has been occupied by Starcraft 2 recently. I don’t play that many single player games these days (MMORPGs are a full time hobby after all) but every so often one comes along that totally absorbs me and proves a nice change of pace from the traditional fantasy MMO. SC2 has definitely seized my attention by grabbing me by the gonads, leaning into my face and snarling ferociously so I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts about it in review form. Of course, seeing as we’re all busy folk, I’ve decide to write everything in nice concise bullet points. Think of it as a review by tweets.

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Warning: This post contains contemplations of a highly whimsical nature.

So I’m right in the midst of moving flat now.Today we hauled our most precious items (my wife’s jewelry and immigration documents and my computer – always good to know where one’s priorities lie) to our new abode and tomorrow we face the tiring wrath of the full furniture removal adventure. Top it off with the fact that Scotland is currently being hit with the heat wave of the century (24C/75F, people were collapsing from sunstroke in the streets today) and the next 24 hours don’t appeal to me very much. In fact, I might just crawl into a ball right now and die.

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Going Off Topic With Blogs

In this article I waffle on about going off topic.

In this article I waffle on about going off topic.

In order to help man the fort whilst he’s away at Slayage (I’m not jealous… nope, not one bit…), I wrote a guest post for Professor Beej which he published today. The article is a departure from my usual sexually repressed MMORPG related posts and is a review of a Japanese book I’d just finished called “Out”. Although I love MMOs, I have to admit that it was refreshing to take a break and write about something on a totally different subject. It’s not often that I get to opportunity to stretch my literary muscles and explore an unfamiliar genre, something which no doubt other bloggers feel the same desire to do on occasion too.

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The Power Of Twitter (Twitterの新しい使い方)

My wife spotted a funny article on a Japanese website called Gadget Place that really highlights the power of Twitter and social media in the modern age. I’ve been a fan of Twitter for a long time now and thoroughly enjoy using it but I never thought it would ever help me get out of a sticky situation.

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What’s The Value Of Your Blog?

This is a topic that I’ve wanted to write about ever since I read Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik but didn’t because I know how uncomfortable this sort of thing makes most MMORPG bloggers. However, after a fascinating post from Tobold and some really interesting comments, I figured what the heck.

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