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Returning To RIFT

Rift Angel

I'm starting to wonder why I ever stopped playing RIFT

I’ve been playing RIFT again for just over a week now, ever since Trion launched the 1.7 patch which makes it free to play up to level 20. A great idea, in my opinion and very, very welcome. I rolled four new alts on a new server and am enjoying the game thoroughly. Chances are I’ll probably resubscribe for another month or two soon. I gotta say, I really like the free-2-try model as it combines the huge benefit that free-2-play brings of being able to play a game before you fork out any cash, combined with the discreet monthly subscription model – no cash shops, no wallet nudges.

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The Silent Affair

Rift Silent Grouping

Silence is golden

Her name was Renneque. She was probably a man. We met in the dark, gloomy woods of Gloamwood. Aptly named, I thought. She was fighting the undead; so was I. I clicked a button and we formed a group, becoming one without ever saying a word, a single, cohesive fighting force of man/woman death.

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Free RIFT For Five Friends This Weekend

Rift Screenshot

I'll hand it to Trion, they certainly know how to appeal to their audience

So Trion emailed me this afternoon to promote their special “Allies of the Ascended” event this weekend which is essentially an opportunity for friends of account holders to play for free for 72 hours. And seeing as you’re all my friends (or disconnected cyber-fans with creepy voyeuristic tendencies, you choose) I’ve decided to share the key with you lovely people.
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RIFT vs The Cookie Cutter Monster

Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster. Teaching addiction to children.

In my previous post I wrote about how RIFT made me appreciate the class and talent design of World of Warcraft more than before – it’s all very streamlined and simple when compared to the huge amount of freedom, thought and decisions that RIFT offers. A nice little conversation sparked off in the comments section about whether or not this wealth of variety and option would reduce the appeal of following cookie cutter builds and I wanted to explore that thought a little more.

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RIFT Makes Me Appreciate WoWs Class Design More

Rift Champion

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, Ho!

I’m starting to warm to RIFT’s soul system. A lot. There’s something quite elegant and sublime about being able to change class on nothing more than a whim. I love being able to solo with my Champion and hack my opponents to pieces with my gigantic two-handed sword then quickly switch into a holy, shield-throwing Captain American wannabe Paladin to tackle some sudden rifts or tank for a group. And I haven’t even mentioned the options of exploring other diverse roles such as the animal loving (platonically) Beastmaster or the magic wielding Riftblade. Yes indeed, it’s a very flexible class system that fills me the comforting knowledge and sense that I will be satisfied with my Warrior for a long time to come yet. But I think I prefer WoWs class design more.

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Forcing People To Be Your Friend

Rift Grouping

His name was Reamvin. He didnt even know we were grouped.

One of the more innovative and interesting features in RIFT (why do I feel obliged to write that in caps?) is the ability to group with others without their permission. Yep, you just select a random nearby person and, unless they’re already grouped or have disabled the setting in their options, click a small icon above their portrait and, willingly or not, you’ve got yourself an instant buddy to join your fledgling party. A great technique for burning through those kill quests quickly, I can tell you.

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The Soul System aka Class Flexibility

Soul System

The soul system. A min/maxers wet dream.

I’ve been playing RIFT a fair bit and enjoying it quite a lot. In fact, probably more than a lot. It doesn’t offer up much that I haven’t seen before and instead it’s seemingly opted to amalgamate all of the best bits of all the other MMOs out there together into one. I reckon I’ve spent a far amount of time during my playtime guessing the game that a particular feature came from (spot the feature: quite a fun little mini-game). Still though, RIFT is good, even very good perhaps. Being unoriginal doesn’t necessarily mean bad or disingenuous. However one of the things it has brought to the table that I’ve never seen before and is, as far as I know it, totally original is its soul system. It’s unique and exclusive to RIFT.

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