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Would It Be Good For The Industry If WoW Died?

Spirit Healer

If WoW died, China would face an economic recession

There’s been a lot of negative articles in the news lately about WoW and, although I’m not talking about the BBC here, I do mean big, well-known sites like Yahoo over smaller dedicated MMO gaming sites and blogs. Indeed, as much as the saying any publicity is good publicity (arguably) goes, getting the headline of “Is Warcraft in trouble?” or “Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft, make money for guards” splashed over the homepage of Yahoo can’t exactly be what Activision Blizzard were hoping for.

Although I highly doubt WoW is in any kind of serious trouble or going anywhere anytime soon, all of this high profile negativity did get me wondering – if WoW did die, would it be good for the MMO industry? I mean, let’s just imagine that for some freak reason Activision decided Warcraft wasn’t profitable enough any more, either due to lack of subscribers or increasing overheads or whatever, and pulled the plug on it completely in a servers offline, game over dude, end of days scenario. Would the MMO community as a whole be happy or sad? And, more importantly, would it have a positive or negative effect on the industry?

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The WoW Je Ne Sais Quoi

VR Addiction

I feel compelled to return to WoW

I don’t often invoke the language of French but sometimes those lovely croissant monkeys have the perfect phrase to sum things up, in this particular case my feelings towards World of Warcraft. I commented today on Twitter how I hadn’t played RIFT in a while and yet, instead of feeling compelled to get back into it, I had the urge to return to WoW instead. Just what is it about that game that keeps luring me back like a sultry siren to a bad relationship? I quite officially a couple of months ago and stopped playing several weeks before that, so irritated and despondent with its community and achievement porn culture that I couldn’t take it any longer. But here I am again, contemplating resubscribing.

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The Problem Is Just That No One Likes Tanking Or Healing

WoW Heroic Tanking

Being told how to tank is always fun

Over a year ago I wrote a (slightly provocative) guest post for World of Matticus entitled “Tanks And Healers Should Get The Biggest Rewards“. Everyone went ape shit. Fast forward 14 months and it turns out though that I’m no mere mortal blogger but rather some sort of Nostradamus-esque visionary as Blizzard announced there intention to reward tanks and healers for using the random Dungeon Finder tool. I’m expecting a royalties cheque in the mail any day now.

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I Was A Conquest Point Prostitute aka Why Community Doesn’t Matter

The arena. Where success in life is measured by a single number.

The arena. The ultimate challenge for geekery and finger dexterity.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve not been playing WoW for the past few days. Oh I’ll go back (already started thinking about a Paladin alt) but I just needed some time out, y’know? Aside from the fact that I’d hit a bit of a brick wall at level 85 and didn’t fancy the PvE item grind circus much I was getting fed up with PvP. I’d collected every piece of Honour Point armour possible and was getting in deep with the arena crowd. In fact, I’d made “friends” with a few peeps who wanted to get up the arena ladder and I ended up being their go to guy. Eventually I started to realise something though. As much as I was looking for fun and camaraderie, they were just looking for someone to help advance their own characters. Yep, I’d become a little Conquest Point prostitute.

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I Finally Figured Out Why WoWs Community Sucks

WoW Community

I thought it best to censor this screenshot, especially since I just realised that the player is a member of my new guild...

I finally figured out why WoWs community sucks – it full of kids. Sometimes even foreign kids (the worst kind of kids). Tweenagers more precisely. Y’know, those boys and girls that fall between that horrible age bracket when they’ve left behind the innocence of childhood and the respect of adults yet haven’t quite learnt the harsh lessons of life and all of the responsibilities that come with growing up. How do I know this? ‘Cause I joined a new guild on Friday and everyone in it was 12 to 14 years old. And I felt like a pervert.

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Why My Wife Wants To Kick The Sh*t Out Of The Guy Who Designed Archaeology

Zinrokh Destroyer of Worlds

My, what a big sword you've got...

For those of you who don’t know, Archaeology is a new profession in World of Warcraft introduced with the Cataclysm expansion that sees players fly (don’t even try it before then) around the world and “discover” ancient artifacts (which every unemployed hardcore player and their dog has already found). This, of course, translates into the simple mechanic of going to a designated spot on your map (sometimes a vast distance away from the previous one), clicking an icon on your task bar several times until you reveal an artifact fragment, collecting several dozen of them and then “solving” them to generate a useless piece of loot that 99.9% of the time serves no purpose whilst generating a handful of skill points in the process. And my wife utterly detests it.

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Ding, level 85! (And Why I Now Feel Empty Inside)

WoW Level 85

Ding, level 85. A brief moment of satisfaction followed by hours of melancholy.

Approximately three weeks after the release of Cataclysm I’ve hit level 85 with my Warrior. Not exactly fast paced when you consider some psycho did it in the small window between the expansion releasing the Europe and America but, well, it suited me fine. I’ve had a nice three weeks of gently skipping through the levels and taking my time over it. Granted, I did a lot of PvP which isn’t particularly good for experience, played a new Worgen alt a bit and generally faffed around a lot but I was happy with my rate of progression.

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