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Curse of the Worgen #1 Review

Curse of the Worgen

I suppose I could make a pun about Worgen Freeman but that would just be silly

Aside from being a MMO addict I’m also a bit of a comics connoisseur and thus decided to combine both hobbies together and pick up the first issue of Curse of the Worgen which was released in the US yesterday and the UK today. In the interest of brevity for all you busy city slicker lawyer readers out there, I shall summarise the book in a mere single word: meh.

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It’s All The DPS’ Fault

DPS Chart

Nothing says "bloodthirsty warrior" like number crunching

I was dicking around in WoW again over the weekend and decided to run a couple of PUGs with one of my Warriors. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and, let me tell you, I don’t miss it at all. I mean, I miss the grouping and the tanking and general dungeon crawling, just not the nutsacks that I seem to get landed with on an all-too-frequent occasion. I’m sure there’s some legitimate psychological reason why people behave like monkeys when they’re matched up through the random dungeon finder and not when they’re playing with friends or guild mates but alas I fear I’ll never know of it.

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WoW Phishing Scams Play On The Insecurities They Caused, the phisher's paradise.

Argh! For some ungodly reason I’m seeing quite an increase in the amount of WoW phishing scams in my inbox these days. I’ve had two in less than 12 hours and, the most annoying thing of all, is that they are becoming harder and harder to spot.

I consider myself no fool when it comes to surfing the web (safety first and all that) and am extremely paranoid about Internet security. Not only am I very careful about what I download but I also never ever follow any links directly out of an email especially when they relate to banking or World of Warcraft. This as-standard-precaution actually saved my virtual bacon last night.

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Breaking News: Cataclysm To Release In 2010

Cataclysm - Worgen Background

Cataclysm will release in December. I think I just heard Bobby Kotick wet himself.

So yeah, Cataclysm has an official release date of 7th December… 2010. Crazy, I know. I’m actually still in mild shock at the hearing the news that it’s going to come out this year as I half expecting it to be delayed into 2011 after living through what has to probably be the longest beta in the history of mankind. I don’t even think those scientists beta test the microchips used in nuclear warheads that much. I feel like a proud dad getting ready to witness the largest MMO birth yet. Breathe in… 1 2 3… and breathe out.

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Want To Get Into The Cataclysm Beta? Cancel Your Subscription

Worgen Druid

Worgens are dogs who can play Druids who can turn into cats. Freaky.

Regular readers will know that my brother, the MMO noob king, cancelled his WoW subscription the other week after 8 months of loyal play, citing his reason for leaving as being , I quote, “other players are immature assholes”. Yep, it appears that my fraternal friend had reached the limits of his patience with some of the less desirable elements of the Warcraft community and decided to pack it all in, giving Blizzard what for and voting with his wallet. Until, that is, a special little email wound its way into his inbox…

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Cataclysm And Its Virtual Chastity Belt

WoW Cataclysm Box Art

Expect to see this box on the shelves of game stores as soon as 2011

I’ve been getting frustrated with Cataclysm lately. Not with the actual gameplay (because I’m not in the beta and haven’t even tried the darn thing yet) but because I’m being constantly teased with information about it and having it’s pixelated bosom waved in front of my face at every opportunity. It feels like the game is wearing some sort of virtual chastity belt, inviting us to look but not touch. Highly infuriating.

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The Article In Which I Defend The WoW Community

WoW Motorbike Ride

"Gee willikers mister, this motorbike sure is fast! I can't wait to reach your love lair!"

So. 8 months after first experiencing World of Warcraft my brother has quit the game. He sent round a rather ranty email to myself and another mutual WoW friend on Saturday detailing his gripes about all of the other inhabitants of Azeroth. Apparently he was fed up of being insulted by random strangers, PUGers who constantly threw “hissy fits”, and people who call you a chicken if you don’t accept their invitation to a dual. After checking that his character wouldn’t be wiped when he unsubscribed (he’s still a noob at heart, bless ‘im), he cancelled his monthly subscription citing the reason as “other players are immature assholes’”. Smooth.

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