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My name is Gordon and I’m an Altaholic

Incredible. I thought I had just invented the term ‘altaholic’ but one quick Google search later (is there nothing these guys can’t do? Apart from screwing up my Adwords account, that is… Eh, double negatives anyone? In your face, Ben Affleck!) and it turns out it’s been in popular use since, well, a while.

Here’s the definition of altaholic.

Here’s an entire blog about being an altahole altahol.

Here’s a complete World of Warcraft add-on for altaholics.

Looks like my problem isn’t very uncommon. To be fair though, I’ve been pretty good in WoW compared to some of my other MMO experiences. My main is level 64 and I’ve played him pretty much solidly since I started him back in October… and I every intention of getting him to level 80. So I think I’m justified in starting a Priest alt. And a Shaman alt… Yep, this entire post was some convoluted way of me saying “I’ve started a Shaman alt everyone cause I just wasn’t sure about the Priest”.

Don’t ya love the Internet?