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WoW To Offer Paid Class Change

Blizzard just announced that they’ll be offering paid class changes for World of Warcraft within the next 3 months. The pricing structure has yet to be confirmed but they speculate that it will be around $60 to change class within your current faction and $80 to change class and switch faction. Class changes includes free character re-customization, gender swap and name change if desired. There are a few restrictions in place as well and it’s worth noting that you cannot access the service until you have at least one level 80 character on your account and you cannot change from a Death Knight to another class (presumably to stop people from churning out pre-made level 55 characters of any class).

The pricing is a little steep for my taste but it’s understandable considering what the option grants the player. This is the ultimate step towards freedom and flexibility but, as some might say, at the price of sacrificing our connections to our characters. Has Blizzard gone too far?