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500th Post


500. 2.5 x my height in cm, 16.6 x my shoe size in inches and one day my weight in lbs.

I had a pleasant little surprise today when I logged into my blog and discovered that I’ve now made 500 blog posts (making this the 501st). Now I’m not one to let inconsequential milestones slip me by so I figured it was worth announcing and celebrating. Huzzah to me!!

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Brad McQuaid’s Blog

One of the many blogs that I enjoy reading is Brad McQuaid’s. It doesn’t get updated very often (seems to be about once every month at the moment) and the guy’s only written five posts but I always savour his articles and keep them saved on my iPhone so I can slowly digest them at some convenient point on the toilet at work.

If you don’t know who Brad McQuaid is, you can check out a post here that I wrote when he first resurfaced in June this year. Essentially he’s the father of Everquest, the first 3D MMORPG and one of the most famous of them all, and the creator of Vanguard, one of the biggest flops of all MMOs and perhaps the most infamous of them all.

His blog posts are well written and currently he’s covering an extensive dissection of what went wrong with Vanguard. His latest post about the issues surrounding the size of the virtual world they wanted to create is both very fascinating and enlightening. I really enjoying reading about MMORPG design and I can’t help but be morbidly intrigued by all of the problems that plagued Vanguard and led to it’s eventual downfall and disgrace. It’s also really interesting to hear Brad’s thoughts behind it all and what he thinks the mistakes were and how they came to be.

I think we forget about the human faces behind MMORPGs and tend to treat them just as mechanical tools of enjoyment that should be both flawless and yet meet our ever increasing demands. The customer, of course, has this right and it’s no excuse for poor quality of services, bugs, queues and all of the problems we tend to often face. Still, it’s always good to remember the people who have spent years slaving away trying to bring these beasts to life.

Brad’s blog reminds me a lot of a book I read about 6 or 7 years ago called the Everquest Companion: The Insider Lore of a Gameworld. It’s very old now but still an interesting read, giving a very open and honest appraisal of the game, how it came to be and all of the good (and bad) events that surrounded it. I wish more companies would bring out these sorts of books for current MMORPGs.

Finally, I’d also recommend Elder Gamer and Psychochild’s Blog if you’re looking for some top quality MMORPG design related blogs. Both are fantastic and offer some real insights into the MMO world.

Poaching Blog Posts

I was just about to write a different article today when I noticed a strange pingback on one of my older articles (I’ve now deleted it). It looked like a self-referential link from another one of my posts but I didn’t remember making it. Anyway, I followed the link and found a site called and, low and behold, it was full of other blogger’s posts.

Let’s not be mistaken about it. This isn’t a normal blog linking to a few other blogs, it’s a blog completely comprised of other people’s articles, taken without their knowledge or permission. It’s a new site, only registered on the 21st of June and all contact details (either on the domain look-up or on the blog itself) are unavailable.

I was pretty pissed off to say the least. I have absolutely no problem with people re-distributing my posts so long as they acknowledge me and asked first. This site did neither of those and to anyone who stumbled upon it it would appear as if they had been written by that blog as there is nothing to indicate it’s being pulled from a feed.

It then occurred to me that this must be a common enough thing and there must be some way of doing something about it. Fortunately I found a post by World of Matticus that had been poached by the site and saw that he had added a “security” signature to his RSS feed (clever devil!). A few minutes later and I found a nice simple Wordpress plugin called RSS Footer that lets me do the same. I checked some other blogs I follow and seems like it’s not an uncommon practice as obviously they’ve encountered this before.

Chances are that if you run a MMORPG blog, your articles are being poached by this site. It seems to have an absolute ton of stuff from everywhere on it. I’d highly recommend adding a security footer to your feeds and if anyone has a better solution than else, please let me know.

Blogs You Should Be Reading

I read a lot of blogs, I just can’t get enough of them. I like all sorts of blogs that cover all sorts of things. You’ll notice that I have some blogs in my ‘Other Links’ section which have absolutely no bearing on MMOs. Shocker, that’s because I don’t always read about MMOs. I am person, well-rounded, after all.

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog

You pretty much can’t write anything about MMOs or MMO blogs without mentioning the Big T. I read his blog every day and the guy’s a legend in the blog syndicate. I don’t really want to or need to say much more but I could hardly write a blog post entitled ‘Blogs You Should Be Reading’ and not include this one.

Of Teeth and Claws

I don’t play, and never have played, a Druid in WoW so most of this blog is absolutely meaningless to me. However, I really dig Karthis. I love his style of writing and the in-depth, informative nature of his posts. This guy knows his shit. If we were homeboys I’d be giving him the fist-jab of respect so go check out his blog now. Or better yet, roll a Druid and learn some skillz from him.

I Rub Your Brog

I only discovered this blog a few days ago using Stumble Upon and I’m completely hooked. From the moment I read the title of the blog and saw the main photo banner, I knew this guy had style. I love Japan and I love Tokyo and I rub this brog. And yes, it’s OK for me to a tad racist because my wife is Japanese. Me no solly.

Danny Choo

I also love Danny Choo. Seriously, if this guy was a chick I’d be sending him love emails. Hell, if he worked out a bit and showed some flesh, I’d be sending him samples of my hair in the post. I want to be Danny Choo. The guy programmes web systems wearing a Stormtrooper uniform for Christ’s sake. Sweeeeeet. Plus he can shake his booty like few can.

Joel On Software

If Danny Choo is my current crush then Joel Spolsky (aka JSpol) is my long time love. I’m a geek and he’s my mecca (yeah I know that doesn’t quite work). He’s also a great writer and no respectable software engineer hasn’t read his books (double negatives FTW).

Got any blogs you want to share?