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It’s All The DPS’ Fault

DPS Chart

Nothing says "bloodthirsty warrior" like number crunching

I was dicking around in WoW again over the weekend and decided to run a couple of PUGs with one of my Warriors. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and, let me tell you, I don’t miss it at all. I mean, I miss the grouping and the tanking and general dungeon crawling, just not the nutsacks that I seem to get landed with on an all-too-frequent occasion. I’m sure there’s some legitimate psychological reason why people behave like monkeys when they’re matched up through the random dungeon finder and not when they’re playing with friends or guild mates but alas I fear I’ll never know of it.

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WoW: Shaman or Hunter?

Much like Tobold I’ve been lured back to World of Warcraft by all the hype surrounding the Cataclysm expansion and, again much like him, I’m torn between deciding on what class to play. My current thoughts are to start up either a new Shaman or Hunter, both Draenei of course.

Even though I’ve remained subscribed to WoW, I haven’t played much in the last couple of months mainly due to the fact I’ve been checking out betas like Aion and Champions Online and playing EVE Online. It’s no secret that I’m pretty giddy about the prospect of the content revamp that comes with Cataclysm though and, for some reason, it’s just gotten me back in the mood for WoW. I’m not sure how long it will last but right now it would certainly tied me over until Aion comes out. I just feel like playing something fun and casual (plus it has the added bonus that it will run on my laptop seeing as my desktop is acting dodgy – low system requirements FTW).

I can’t quite face going back to my Warrior even though I feel like I should get him up to level 80. I’ve kind of grown a bit bored of him and I think a new alt would be quite refreshing and I’ve narrowed my selection down to either a Shaman or Hunter. Although I’ve played a Shaman before, I stopped around level 22 because I found all the totems too much of a headache to manage. They cluttered up my toolbars and it really did my head in (I’m a super-organised, control freak kinda guy). However, with the new totem bar that came out in patch 3.2 I think could deal with the totems quite easily. Otherwise my main attraction to the Shaman is being able to play a melee class that can also heal or nuke and that just plain sounds like fun.

The Hunter is my other prospective class. Although I’m tempted to hold off and wait and roll a Worgen Hunter, I really like the idea of trying them out as they are completely unlike any other class I’ve played before (essentially tanks or healers). Plus Cataclysm may be a long way off so I don’t feel like I should hold my breath just waiting for Worgens. I don’t really know much about Hunters though aside from the fact they can shoot guns and use pets. I’ve seen a few using melee weapons like polearms or dual wielding but I heard that was a pretty rubbish way to play. Any Hunter pros care to comment?

So I’m currently browsing the talent calculators and official WoW forums along with Google Images for some inspiration to help me make up my mind. Shaman or Hunter? My mind says Shaman but my heart says Hunter. What do you think? Anyone got any tips or advice?