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The Best Of The Rest: The Future Edition

The Future

I'm surprisingly bitter that it's 2010 and we still don't have flying cars or hover skateboards.

I’ve being racking my brains to come up with a common theme for my chosen blog posts this week and eventually settled on the concept of the future. Maybe it’s purely a subconscious connection based on things going on in my real life (buying a flat, getting a will draw up etc) but it seems like a lot of bloggers are busy contemplating things to come, largely because the present isn’t all that exciting. Even though Final Fantasy XIV just came out and I found myself fingering the box in Game with mild temptation yesterday (sorry, that just sounded awful didn’t it?), it doesn’t seem to have made a huge dent on the excito-meters of my peers. Most of the opinions I read about FFXIV tend to recommend holding off checking it out for a few months. Wise words no doubt but alas, it leaves most bloggers in a rather more whimsical state.

Anyway, here’s my pick of the week:

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The Best Of The Rest: European Edition

European Flag

Y'know, I've never noticed just how dull the European flag actually is.

As I hinted at a couple of weeks ago, I’m trying out a new format with my weekly article round-ups. It’s nothing really drastic or spectacular, just a minor tweak. I’m going to try highlighting slightly fewer articles but spend a bit of time describing what it is about each of them that I enjoyed. Remember that it’s a completely subjective list based on my personal opinion, bias and how much the author has recently flattered me or otherwise appealed to my vanity. I’m just a shallow but incredibly handsome excuse for a man after all. And if you don’t make it onto the list, feel free to poke needles into voodoo dolls of me or carve my name into your arm whilst muttering demonic incantations. I heard chicks dig that sort of thing.

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The Best Of The Rest: Hangover Edition

Hangover Anatomy

I'm far too hungover to think up a sarcastic caption. Pity me.

Oh how I had such plans for this week’s Best of the Rest. I wanted to try a new format and change the way I write the article to make it more interesting and in-depth but, alas, I find myself at the hands of one truly awful hangover. I’m no spring chicken anymore and it’s amazing how much a couple bottles of wine, whisky, vodka and some aquavit can destroy my body. I spent a restless night dreaming of Space Marines and Cee Lo Green for some bizarre reason and awoke to experience a headache and squealing gut that even a full English breakfast couldn’t cure (it’s never failed before). As a result today’s link love shall be mercifully short and to the point. Before I wretch over my keyboard.

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The Best Of The Rest: Kindle Edition

Amazon Kindle 3

The Kindle. Great for storing 35,000 books. Not so great for reading in the bath.

As I’ve pretty much told everyone on the planet already, I got the new Amazon Kindle last week and I’m incredibly thrilled with it. Ever since I had to lug around the megalithic Under The Dome Stephen King hardcover last year I’ve been obsessed with getting an eReader but unfortunately had to dismiss the notion completely because the availability of ebooks in the UK was so poor. And by poor I mean we had like five books available to buy, all of them Harry Potter (and, having attended a British Potter-esque private school myself, I’d rather eat my own vomit then read the books).

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The Best Of The Rest: Crocodile Dundee Edition

Crocodile Dundee Trick

I knew a kid with three fingers once who had tried this trick on a pit bull.

Gee-whiz and gee-willikers, another week has pasted us by, this time with plenty of juicy MMORPG and gaming related tid-bits being thrown around for discussion by the blogosphere like a pack of hungry Dobermans would a piece of raw meat. I’ve had the odd time when my articles have been in that situation and, unless you’re Australian and blessed with the racial ability to tame wild animals a lá Crocodile Dundee, there isn’t much you can do about it. Fortunately this time much of the controversy stemmed from Penny Arcade and not yours truly. Time to kick back and get the popcorn.

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The Best Of The Rest: Pirate Edition

South Park Pirates

Close but not the pirates I'm talking about

Another interesting week in the MMORPG blogosphere has flown past. This time we got to see Blizzard crush some dastardly pirates (score one for capitalism), some controversial information revealed about Warhammer 40K (Space Marines from the start? Yes? No? Who knows!), and APB hitting the headlines for, well, sucking and dying after squandering loads of cash. The MMO industry may be many things but it’s definitely always interesting.

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The Best Of The Rest: Minor Makeover Edition

We Fly Spitfires header

One day I'm going to get a real We Fly Spitfires badge and use it to impress people I meet in the street.

Continuing with my quest to deliver the most sexy and stylish blog possible (yes, even inanimate electronic objects can be sexy), I’ve put some more minor updates to the site live today. Probably the biggest change (for me anyway) is the use of Typekit to render the main title font and sidebar headers. Utilising fonts on the web is a real pain currently due to distribution issues and what not and previously I was using some code to generate my title fonts as images using PHP. Not only was that becoming a burden on my server due to increased traffic (and spam… lots and lots of spam) but it also makes the site slower to download for the user. Now everything should be a bit quicker and slicker.

Other changes include a more attractive nav and new social media links beneath the header. Not a massive change but a welcome one nonetheless. Oh and all of the adverts are now gone too.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, likes or dislikes or if you encounter any bugs (I’d be really grateful if anyone got the chance to check the site on an iPad – not sure how the fonts will render on it).

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling. We all know why you’re here! Let the link loveth commencify:

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