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Why Females Are Oversexualised In Video Games

Female Demon Hunter

Pre-Victoria's Secret concept art from Diablo 3

Update: A lot of this article has been misconstrued either through confusion or in the name of melodrama. To be 100% clear, I’m not condoning sexism or oversexualisation in video games in any way at all. Indeed, if anything, the purpose of the article is to highlight the history of inequality that has existed between the genders and try to answer why it not only happened but still continues today.

For the sake of consistency, I’ve left the article unmodified even though I’ve been sorely tempted to correct areas where I’ve perhaps been unintentionally flippant or insensitive. Still, the post is merely a theory based on some interesting and plausible conjecture and I’d encourage everyone to read it carefully and thoroughly before passing judgement.

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What’s In A Name?

Gordo the Abomination

That bastard stole my name

I can’t play characters that don’t have good names. I don’t know why but it’s just wrong somehow. To me, the name of my avatar embodies his personality, his spirit, his role. Call it roleplaying on a low level nature. I don’t walk around spouting “hail, kind sir” or what-not but I absolutely have to a name that suits my character. Very occasionally comedic, often always serious, the name has to be right because without one, I simply won’t make the character or, worse yet, find myself deleting them after a few hours of play.

So many times I’ve had an itch to try a new class but have put it off for weeks because I just couldn’t come up with a name that felt right. Other times I’ve sat staring at the character creation screen for what felt likes hours on end just trying to come up with a name I liked and wasn’t taken. It’s not as easy as one might think. Thinking up with a suitable name that fits the race, class and my imaginary background for my proposed character can be rather tricky.

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I Believe In Blogging

I Think Therefore I Blog

Blogging. The perfect way to have your opinion heard by a small minority of other bloggers.

So I started another blog. A work one, this time, related to the web industry and the Internet, written by myself and my two colleagues, in a – hopefully – appealing and enjoyable fashion, not dissimilar to my style and take on things here. In fact, this blog was a huge motivator for me wanting to start a work related one because I knew, right from day one, that I wanted our company to have a voice in the industry, to comment on activities and trends and to be able to express our own opinion on the matters that affect our livelihood. We always wanted to stray away from the rather dull corporate blogs that every business now seems to feel obliged to launch these days so we branded and styled ours with personality, humour and a little bit of sass calling it (my esoteric choice of blog names continues) the 8 Gram Gorilla. Yeah, we really do like our monkeys.

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The Silent Affair

Rift Silent Grouping

Silence is golden

Her name was Renneque. She was probably a man. We met in the dark, gloomy woods of Gloamwood. Aptly named, I thought. She was fighting the undead; so was I. I clicked a button and we formed a group, becoming one without ever saying a word, a single, cohesive fighting force of man/woman death.

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Free RIFT For Five Friends This Weekend

Rift Screenshot

I'll hand it to Trion, they certainly know how to appeal to their audience

So Trion emailed me this afternoon to promote their special “Allies of the Ascended” event this weekend which is essentially an opportunity for friends of account holders to play for free for 72 hours. And seeing as you’re all my friends (or disconnected cyber-fans with creepy voyeuristic tendencies, you choose) I’ve decided to share the key with you lovely people.
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I Feel Lost Without A MMO

WoW Friends

There's nothing better than adventuring with friends. Even if they are noobs.

I’m not addicted to MMOs. Honestly, I’m not. I do however think of them as some sort of comfort blanket. They’re something that I can always rely on to occupy my ferocious mind (I consider my brain to be akin to a thousand exploding suns exploding within an exploding volcano) and soothe my thoughts when I’m unhappy, stressed or otherwise disillusioned. They’re the constant in my life that I know I can reach for at any time to stop me feeling bored or lonely, keeping me company through my bachelor years and now testing the patience of my wife. They are part of me as no other hobby I could imagine. And I feel utterly lost without one.

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MMOs That Make Me Squeal With Anticipation

Copernicus concept art

Aside from the fact that this concept art makes Copernicus look like a Disney game, I'm still excited about it

Now that the awesomeness of Cataclysm is wearing off and MMO life is returning to normal for everyone, I’m starting to think about what new MMOs are lurking around the corner to tickle my fancy like some dirty old man in a trench coat. Some of these games are just on the horizon and we’ll (hopefully) get a chance to play them in 2011 while a couple of others are likely a few years away yet. Still, it’s exciting time for the industry and a great time to be a MMO gamer.

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