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The Best Of The Rest: Pirate Edition

South Park Pirates

Close but not the pirates I'm talking about

Another interesting week in the MMORPG blogosphere has flown past. This time we got to see Blizzard crush some dastardly pirates (score one for capitalism), some controversial information revealed about Warhammer 40K (Space Marines from the start? Yes? No? Who knows!), and APB hitting the headlines for, well, sucking and dying after squandering loads of cash. The MMO industry may be many things but it’s definitely always interesting.

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The Best Of The Rest: Minor Makeover Edition

We Fly Spitfires header

One day I'm going to get a real We Fly Spitfires badge and use it to impress people I meet in the street.

Continuing with my quest to deliver the most sexy and stylish blog possible (yes, even inanimate electronic objects can be sexy), I’ve put some more minor updates to the site live today. Probably the biggest change (for me anyway) is the use of Typekit to render the main title font and sidebar headers. Utilising fonts on the web is a real pain currently due to distribution issues and what not and previously I was using some code to generate my title fonts as images using PHP. Not only was that becoming a burden on my server due to increased traffic (and spam… lots and lots of spam) but it also makes the site slower to download for the user. Now everything should be a bit quicker and slicker.

Other changes include a more attractive nav and new social media links beneath the header. Not a massive change but a welcome one nonetheless. Oh and all of the adverts are now gone too.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, likes or dislikes or if you encounter any bugs (I’d be really grateful if anyone got the chance to check the site on an iPad – not sure how the fonts will render on it).

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling. We all know why you’re here! Let the link loveth commencify:

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The Best Of The Rest: Onwards To London Edition

London at night

London. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Another week in the blogosphere has flown by this time filled with anticipation for my forthcoming holiday which, drum roll please, begins on Wednesday and lasts for an entire week. Woot. For part of it I shall be heading down to London to pick up my in-laws as they fly in from Tokyo and show them the sights there before bringing them up to Scotland. I’m both excited and slightly nervous at the prospect of meeting them again as they don’t speak a word of English and my Japanese is limited to formal greetings, generic stock phrases and sexual commands (don’t ask). All in all, should be a lot of fun though and I’m looking forward to it. And don’t fret, my blogging should mostly continue uninterrupted (I’ll have a few 5 hour train journeys to kill, after all).

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