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Pandaren Ponderings

MoP Launch Event

The moment when all of Blizzard's planning failed

Like a lot of people, I’ve been playing Mists of Pandaria pretty full on since Tuesday. Well, technically, Monday night since I was there for the in-game launch at 11pm British time but considering it took me 30 mins just to target the NPC (see above) and then the whole Jade Forest zone crashed before I finally gave up, I’m not going to count it. Nice to know that even the biggest MMOs still have launch woes even if everything has been running pretty smoothly since then.

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MMOs That Badly Need Expansions


Not even a wolf riding a wolf makes me want to play Vanguard again

I’m a big believer in expansions for MMOs. Whilst free patch content is always nice and more than welcome, I accept that it has its limitations and that we can’t expect to get bundles of new stuff – new classes, races, game mechanics, locations and level cap increase – for frees (well, not unless you play EVE anyway). Perhaps most importantly though, expansions also help re-ignite MMOs, gaining positive attention and drawing in new players, helping them grow. There’s a reason why games like Everquest and Everquest 2 have survived for so long and kept me personally interested for years. I also wholeheartedly think that it the continuous and reliable release of solid expansions that stopped EQ2 from slipping off the face of the planet. But that’s another blog post.

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The Future of WoW (And Why I’m Excited)

Drawing of a Pandaren

No matter how much you try, Pandas will never look cool

No doubt you’ve all heard the news about WoW’s next expansion and some of other big changes Blizzard plan on introducing. Not only does this prove that I’m psychic to a scary degree of accuracy but it’s also got me rather flippin’ excited. About the playable Pandas? No, I honestly couldn’t give a crap about them (I reserve the right to completely backtrack on that statement as expansion fever kicks in later on next year). What’s really got my boat floating and my fancy tickled though is the promise of new character models, animations and a complete overhaul of the talent system. Now that’s hot stuff.

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Beastlord Beastlord Beastlord


Probably not the Beastlord you were thinking of


Yes, I’m perhaps a little too excited by the news that the next Everquest 2 expansion will feature the Beastlord, one of my favourite classes from the original game. Of course, this fantastic news comes after years of SOE saying that they have no plans at all to add the class. Goes to show not only how easily companies give in to public demand (especially when faced with faltering popularity) but also how what they often say is never actual, unequivocal and permanent fact (and exactly why I think Titan is actually World of Starcraft… but that’s another blog post).

Now I haven’t played EQ2 in quite some time not only due to burning myself out after a solid three year stint when it was first released but also because SOE’s F2P model annoyed me somewhat. Still, I’m willing to let bygones be bygones and give EQ2 another shot just so I can get my hands on the beloved Beastlord. Oh fickle thy name is Gordon.

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Can The WoW Servers Survive The Shattering Cataclysm?



Queues. Downtime. Lag. Slow downloads. Bloodcurdling cries of venom and hatred. All of these things are synonymous with MMO launches, expansion releases and big patches. A lot of us have come to accept this from our MMOs and live with it as an inevitable side affect of the hobby. Today’s a special day though because today (in Europe anyway, yesterday in the States) marked the release of probably Blizzard’s most epic patch, the complete and utter shattering of Azeroth. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’m as a giddy as a teenage boy discovering his dad’s secret stash of Playboys but, still, in the back of my mind I can’t help by wonder if Blizzard are going to be able to handle the huge demand that’s posed to pounce on their servers?

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Breaking News: Cataclysm To Release In 2010

Cataclysm - Worgen Background

Cataclysm will release in December. I think I just heard Bobby Kotick wet himself.

So yeah, Cataclysm has an official release date of 7th December… 2010. Crazy, I know. I’m actually still in mild shock at the hearing the news that it’s going to come out this year as I half expecting it to be delayed into 2011 after living through what has to probably be the longest beta in the history of mankind. I don’t even think those scientists beta test the microchips used in nuclear warheads that much. I feel like a proud dad getting ready to witness the largest MMO birth yet. Breathe in… 1 2 3… and breathe out.

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Want To Get Into The Cataclysm Beta? Cancel Your Subscription

Worgen Druid

Worgens are dogs who can play Druids who can turn into cats. Freaky.

Regular readers will know that my brother, the MMO noob king, cancelled his WoW subscription the other week after 8 months of loyal play, citing his reason for leaving as being , I quote, “other players are immature assholes”. Yep, it appears that my fraternal friend had reached the limits of his patience with some of the less desirable elements of the Warcraft community and decided to pack it all in, giving Blizzard what for and voting with his wallet. Until, that is, a special little email wound its way into his inbox…

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