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The Changing Social Conventions In MMOs

Social Conventions

The red stick figure was shot soon after bucking the social convention

In my early days of playing MMOs I never really gave much through to the social conventions that enforced the unwritten rules of behaviour we all abided by. Conscious thought that is though because, obviously, sub-conciously I was obeying every single convention and thriving as a result. I knew how to interact with others on the level that got me added to friends lists and invited back into groups. I knew how to get the items I needed without being branded a ninja-looter or a greedy player. I knew how to get players to help me with my quests without alienating them towards me. In fact, I pretty much knew how to do or get everything I needed to help me progress as an individual.

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MMOs And The Future Of Technology

Virtual Reality

The future of gaming is looking like a dick in front of your computer

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that have been discussing the disappointing turn of events surrounding RIFT’s first world event. Apparently it was queues galore, resulting in a fair number of players missing out on the narrow window of the opportunity to complete the event, a real shame all in all (although no doubt some folk are overreacting in the manner only the Internet can allow). But here we are again, even with the most slick and advanced MMO, facing queues, that old MMO nemesis. Will we ever be able to move past it all?

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The Problem Is Just That No One Likes Tanking Or Healing

WoW Heroic Tanking

Being told how to tank is always fun

Over a year ago I wrote a (slightly provocative) guest post for World of Matticus entitled “Tanks And Healers Should Get The Biggest Rewards“. Everyone went ape shit. Fast forward 14 months and it turns out though that I’m no mere mortal blogger but rather some sort of Nostradamus-esque visionary as Blizzard announced there intention to reward tanks and healers for using the random Dungeon Finder tool. I’m expecting a royalties cheque in the mail any day now.

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Do You Care How Long It Takes To Level Up?

WoW Grant Level

Leveling up in WoW was sometimes a little too streamlined

When I started playing MMORPGs, all of those many years ago, I was obsessed with progression. If I wasn’t leveling up, I wasn’t going forward and if I wasn’t going forward, I felt like I was having a wasted gaming session. It wasn’t that was I particular keen on the raiding endgame either (I’ve still never really developed a taste for it) or desperate to “complete” the game but I just wanted to feel like my time online was productive and worthwhile. No doubt a lot of this had to do with the fact that I started off playing Everquest in which it took a horrendously long time to do just about anything, let alone hit the level cap. Now things are different though.

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I Like Big Swords

Big Swords in Rift

Size matters

I can just imagine my Dad face palming as soon as he reads this headline. Oh how proud he must be of his well educated son who now spends his evenings coming up with childish innuendos and sexual euphemisms to write blog posts about. Still, if you’re having dirty thoughts then they’re probably your own as I’m being deadly serious. When I play MMOs I immediately pick melee classes and then go out of my way to find the biggest, meanest looking sword I can possibly find in order to proceed smacking the living daylights out of everything whilst giggling with glee. Does that make me weird? That was a rhetorical question by the way.

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When To Quit?

WoW - Cancel Subscription

Blizzard threaten a kitten every time someone quits

I wouldn’t say I was a big advocate for subscription models but I don’t have any problem with them and, to be fair, I’m not exactly a fan of the alternative either (I think F2P encourages game design for cash rather than quality… but that’s another blog post). The one thing I do struggle with when it comes to my subscription MMOs though is when to call it quits. I’ve barely logged into WoW for the last six weeks. Is it time to cancel?

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MMO Box Sales And Defining Success

Sweet Smell of Success

What MMO is next going to experience the sweet smell of success?

There’s an interesting discussion raging in one of the articles I wrote last week between Samus, Pascal and myself about the finances behind MMOs and how, when and why they can be considered successful. It was all sparked off by the sweeping statement (what’s wrong with sweeping statements? everyone in the world loves them) I made in the post about how success for these games is measured in retaining subscribers not through box sales and that was challenged. Let’s explore that a little.

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