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Oh my… A Game of Thrones MMO

Sean Bean. Available for all fantasy based roles that involve a lot of brooding.

Sean Bean. Available for all fantasy based roles that involve a lot of brooding.

Well, colour me pleasantly surprised. A few days ago, via Rock, Paper Shotgun, I found out that developer Bigpoint are releasing a free-2-play MMO based on the Game of Thrones IP. I’m actually feeling surprisingly giddy about it.

Of course, it’s still early days and there’s absolutely no information on the official web site about the game but then that’s to be expected considering it likely won’t be out for another three years. Still, one can dream. Here’s hoping it’s less WoW-like and a little more EVE-like, focusing on political intrigue, deception and general backstabbery rather than leveling up and quest grinding. Fingers crossed for a sandbox type model too but, hell, that’s unlikely, so I’d just settle for something a little different from the norm.

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Tabula Rasa 2 (aka Defiance)

Defiance MMO

Nothing says MMO shooter innovation like an image of two futuristic combatants with laser pistols in tech armour

An interesting announcement the other day saw the news that Trion, of RIFT fame, are developing a new shooter MMO. Call me nostalgic/cynical/unimaginative but immediately after reading a little bit about it my mind jumped to visions of Tabula Rasa 2, not just because it’s a futuristic third person twitch based shooter about a war, or set shortly after one, between humans and aliens (why is it we can just never got along with those bloody aliens?!) but also due my visions of its impending doom. MMO shooters plain don’t work… will this one buck the trend?

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Doctor Who MMO (Apparently)

Doctor Who

"I will blind you with my flashlight!"

Via Rock, Paper Shotgun I read an article today revealing that the good ol’ Beeb (what middle class Brits call the BBC) are going to be launching their very own Doctor Who MMO later this year. Now I don’t know how many of my lovely American readers even know what Doctor Who is (do you get it over there?) but it’s basically the British version of Star Trek but with a smaller budget, posher accents, and more plot and it’s as quintessentially part of Britain as teas, crumpets and teenage pregnancy. Suffice to say, if your a British MMO geek then you’ve probably experienced a nerdgasm and are in the midst of changing your pants right now.

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Old Dog vs New Pup: Everquest Goes Head To Head With RIFT

Fippy Darkpaw

The first time Fippy ganks me I'm punching the screen

I’m not a happy bunny. See, I awoke this morning to find an email on my iPhone from the kind chaps at SOE offering me a 11 days of free play on Everquest starting yesterday and lasting until the 21st, coinciding nicely with the launch of their new progression server, Fippy Darkpaw (which I’m very much looking forward to). Yep, ol’ Fippy goes live on the 15th Feb which now happens to be, funnily enough, the exact starting date of the RIFT open beta. Which I’ve just pre-ordered. And so has my brother. And almost everyone else I know. Bugger.

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WoW On The iPad

I saw an article over on Massively last month about an app called everyAir which lets you stream WoW from your computer onto your iPad and thought it looked pretty interesting. Although I figured it was worth a blog article back then I never got round to it and just jotted a note down about it in my little black book of blog ideas instead. A few days ago though the developers of it sent me an email so, considering I easily succumb to peer pressure, I’ve necromanced my decaying word monkeys on the subject and brought you this juicy article.

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Cataclysm Is Now Live (In Europe)

Worgen Priest

"My, what big teeth you have!" "The better to pwn you with n00b, lolz!"

Ah. That sweet, sweet new expansion smell is upon us as Cataclysm has now finally launched (in Europe). After months of eager anticipation and consternation and trepidation, we (Europeans) are now finally able to play the Cataclysm expansion (in Europe). I’ve overcome my shame and will gladly admit that my fingers were quivering like a gentle first time lover as I created my Worgen Priest on my bustling (European) server, filled to the brim with other (croissant eating) players (of European habitation).

I could make the somewhat unpopular decision to gloat about the fact that it’s still December 6th (in Europe and America) and I am able to play without the unfortunate need to stand outside in a queue at a shop front in the midst of a freezing (European) winter to collect my copy. No sir, digital was the way to go tonight and I’m eternally thankful (to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a great European who instigated birth of the Internet) for it.

Anyway, I hope everyone (who’s European) is enjoying Cataclysm right now (in Europe) as much as I am. I couldn’t imagine having to wait even another moment more to play it. Cause that would really suck.

Bonne nuit, gute nacht, buona notte and buenas noches el compadres.

-Sir Gordon of Europe

Europeans Get Early Access To Cataclysm


Timezones. Designed specifically to shatter your fragile mind.

Ha, take that, Yanks! After years of being treated like the red-headed step children of the MMORPG family, something has finally swung in favour of us Euros. Turns out official release times for Cataclysm are as follows:

Q. In what regions is the Cataclysm pre-sale available? What day/time is Cataclysm launching in my region?

A. The pre-sale is available in the following regions, with realms scheduled to launch at the following times:

Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia – December 7 at 12:01 a.m. PST Europe and Russia – December 7 at 12:01 a.m. CET

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