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Guild Wars 2 vs Patch 5.0.4 – Which To Play?

Guild Wars 2 wallpaper

Awesome artwork doesn't make my decision any easier

Tomorrow sees both the official release of Guild Wars 2 and the arrival of the World of Warcraft 5.0.4 patch that revamps all the classes and the entire talent system. Now I’m excited about Guild Wars but I’m also excited about this huge WoW patch, eagerly awaiting the arrival of them both. But which to play? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

(And unless you’re British and watch a lot of TV, you probably had no idea what that last reference was about.)

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Should I Get The Secret World?

The Secret World

Katanas and guns, everything a person could want in a game.

I’m really struggling with this one. Usually I know long in advance of any MMO being released whether or not I’m going to buy it. I knew I was going to get SW:TOR way before its released date was ever announced, I know for certain I’m going to be picking up Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in August and the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria and Storm Legion expansions are total no-brainers but The Secret World? It really has me on the fence.

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Do You Care How Long It Takes To Level Up?

WoW Grant Level

Leveling up in WoW was sometimes a little too streamlined

When I started playing MMORPGs, all of those many years ago, I was obsessed with progression. If I wasn’t leveling up, I wasn’t going forward and if I wasn’t going forward, I felt like I was having a wasted gaming session. It wasn’t that was I particular keen on the raiding endgame either (I’ve still never really developed a taste for it) or desperate to “complete” the game but I just wanted to feel like my time online was productive and worthwhile. No doubt a lot of this had to do with the fact that I started off playing Everquest in which it took a horrendously long time to do just about anything, let alone hit the level cap. Now things are different though.

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The Company, The People Or The IP?

38 Studios

The employees of 38 Studios patiently await being devoured by the Sarlacc's younger, and less imposing, brother

With all of the new MMORPGs on the horizon I’ve been pondering what it is about some of the games that attracts me to them and not to others. Is it the company behind the game that makes me excited or the reputation of the individual people or just the fact that it’s based on a particular intellectual property? Also seeing as it’s been a while since I last published a poll (it was decided by the slim majority that I will indeed sacrifice my dominance of all MMO worlds for the sake of begetting children, as my wife was pleased to discover), I figured I’d make this into a fun little group activity whilst I was at it.

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MMO Or Baby?

One day every year sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry. I am not making that up.

One day every year sumo wrestlers try to make babies cry. I am not making that up.

You probably don’t know this but my brother, MMO muse and WoW noob king, became a father for the second time in April (gz, gj, woot etc) and since then his budding MMORPG career has taken a nose dive. He literally went from playing a couple of hours a night to, well, never playing at all. This disturbing fact got me wondering… do I really want kids?

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Should I Purchase The Half Price LotRO Lifetime Subscription?

One subscription to rule them all.

One subscription to rule them all.

Ever since I received an email from Codemasters on Monday offering me a half price lifetime subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online I’ve been debating whether or not to subscribe. It’s being offered at £75/$109/€88, the equivalent of about 6 or 7 months play on a normal monthly subscription so it’s a pretty good deal if I thought it’s a game I’d play for a prolonged period of time or keep coming back to.

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Do You Get Spouse Aggro?

More terrifying than any dragon, more extreme than any death penalty and more difficult to manage than any DPS threat, spouse aggro is a dangerous thing indeed. Usually it builds up slowly, sometimes over days or weeks, often silent and undetectable until eventually it hits with a wrath of a billion suns exploding inside a giant volcano.

I count myself pretty lucky in how tolerant my wife is about my gaming habits although there is a limit to her patience as I’m discovering. It usually starts with The Look followed by The Noise and eventually concluded by The Howling Bloodthirsty Scream. Knowing how to interpret these signals and when to intercept them is key to my survival… and trust me, begging after the fact never helps. “But my brother’s wife is letting him play longer!”, I whine to no avail.

I end up feeling guilty too because I know I shouldn’t be playing silly computer games and I should instead be devoting all of my time to making my wife more happy than an Olympian Goddess. But I suppose I’m just a mere fleshy male meat-bag that can’t help but be selfish in my desire.

Do You Get Spouse Aggro?

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P.S. If anyone has any tips or tricks for dealing with spouse aggro, please, oh please, share them with us all.