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Priest PvP in World of Warcraft

I haven’t really been focusing on leveling up my Priest in WoW much, instead I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of PvP. I was never much of a big PvP fan until I started on Darathar (the Euro PvP server) in Everquest 2 a few years ago. Since then I’ve gotten a taste for it and understood how it can provide a nice distraction to the usual PvE grind MMORPGs tend to offer.

The type of PvP I like however is definitely the restrained variety. I loathe complete and unrestricted FFA PvP – the idea of being ganked by someone 40 levels higher than me really gets my goat. I like fair and even PvP, preferably in restricted zones or between factions, so I find that battleground PvP in WoW is right up my ally.

I never bothered PvPing with my Warrior much but I’ve been eating up BGs with my Priest like a fat boy locked in a bakery. He’s currently level 52 and I’m trying to earn enough honor points to get a few pieces of the epic Field Marshal’s Raiment set because, apart form anything else, it looks the shiznit and I’m a vain SOB.

Priest Field Marshal's Raiment set

Priest's Field Marshal's Raiment set

My Priest is Discipline spec for PvP and I’m really happy with how it’s working mainly because it offers decent survivability and is flexible enough to suit my needs. When I was in the high 40’s I could be more agressive and focus on nuking ,however, now that I’m level 52 mixing with 59’s and 60’s, I have to be an utter coward in order to survive. Still, this works fine cause usually I just finding the biggest, meanest Paladin or DK and hang around them, throwing on the heals to rack up honor. Being a coward pays :P

It’s not all fun and games though as last night, towards the end of my session, I experienced something technically known as the ‘Rogue Gangbang Effect’. My team mates decided to constantly run off without me after battles (their thanks for all of the healing I was doing – you bastards, you know who I’m talking about!) and leave me straggling behind on my slow ass elephant to face the wrath of two twinked out, steroid Rogues. The repeated result could only be described as a bloody mess.

Rogue Gangbang IV Now Available On DVD

Rogue Gangbang IV Now Available On DVD

Guess it’s time to put my Priest PvP on hold and gain some levels. I’m looking forward to coming back in seven or eight levels, yessir I am.