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What I’m Up To

Game of Thrones infographic

I still don't know who half the people are

It’s been quite a while since I last posted so I figured I’d enlighten my lovely readers (anyone still there?) with a glimpse of what I’ve been up to recently. It’s nothing exciting. As much as I would like to enthrall you all with some sexy tale of sexy spyness or something (I did watch Skyfall the other week, I guess that’s something), I’ve pretty much been consumed by work. Yep, it keeps me busy. That and I don’t actually think there’s been a huge load of excitement in the MMO world this past month. I suppose it’s just that time of year.

Anyway, here’s some tidbits from behind the scenes.

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Do MMOs Make You Feel Old?

Old age Mario

The modern incarnation of Mario appears in Call of Duty as an illegal immigrant

My brother, part time gamer and full time noob, is only 35 years of age but to hear him talk you’d think he’s approaching pension age fast. “Those young whipper snappers”, he mutters under his breath whilst shaking his head at the folks in their late twenties who idly wander through his middle class suburban habitat. I’ve never know anyone to skip straight form sulky teenager to lecherous old man before (although admittedly it does come with some rather wonderful family related benefits). I, on other hand, feel pretty great being 31. I feel in my prime, a proper adult with enough milage behind me to give me confidence and enough road ahead to give me hope. No sir, I don’t feel old at all… except when I play MMOs.

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Are You Ashamed Of Playing MMOs?

Race To World First

Being the first out of 10 million people to achieve something is nothing to sneeze at

Last year I watched a fascinating documentary called Race to World’s First which followed the struggles of an American World of Warcraft guild called Blood Legion in their attempts to becoming, surprise, surprise, the world’s first guild to down raid bosses in WoW. I don’t know the exact details of how the rankings work but, essentially, you get scored on how quickly you progress through the raid system, all in attempt to be the first guild in the world to take down new bosses as they are made available. I guess it’s like a high level macro game that makes the raid component of WoW far more competitive, all with the top guilds in the world battling for that special number one position.

The documentary is very good and I’d definitely recommend shelling out the three bucks it costs to watch it as it not only offers a real insight into the types of people that get sucked into this ultra competitive sub-world of WoW raiding but it shows a lot of the human side to it all. Just like some of the best documentaries out there, it doesn’t labour too much on the mechanics of the game but instead takes a detailed look at the people who play it and how it affects their lives.

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We Fly Spitfires Turns Three Today

Third birthday monkey

Look mum, I'm a big boy now!

Today is the 25th December. It marks the birth of Jesus, the coming of Santa Claus, the constitution of the Chinese Republic, and general festivities and merriment all round. It also marks the day that this blog was created. Yes, whilst everyone else across the Western world was opening presents, tucking into turkey and trying to avoid family arguments, I was busy huffing and puffing, giving birth to the blogging monstrosity known as We Fly Spitfires (you can thank me for the mental image later).

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MMO Or Baby? Baby!

Ninja Baby

You all know my kid would be a badass

No, my wife isn’t pregnant. Yet. But it’s definitely on the cards – turns out the biological clock of a woman is an insane force to be reckoned with. Last time I likened it to a nuclear time bomb but I was wrong, it’s more like the most dangerous ninja on the planet, ready and waiting to attack. And attack she did. A couple of weeks ago I was awakened from a deep slumber in the middle of the night by the woman pouncing on me in a burst of animalistic sexual desire. It wasn’t until the deed had been done and she rolled off me with a smirk on her face that I realised just what had happened and a wave of utter terror flooded over me.

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I Believe In Blogging

I Think Therefore I Blog

Blogging. The perfect way to have your opinion heard by a small minority of other bloggers.

So I started another blog. A work one, this time, related to the web industry and the Internet, written by myself and my two colleagues, in a – hopefully – appealing and enjoyable fashion, not dissimilar to my style and take on things here. In fact, this blog was a huge motivator for me wanting to start a work related one because I knew, right from day one, that I wanted our company to have a voice in the industry, to comment on activities and trends and to be able to express our own opinion on the matters that affect our livelihood. We always wanted to stray away from the rather dull corporate blogs that every business now seems to feel obliged to launch these days so we branded and styled ours with personality, humour and a little bit of sass calling it (my esoteric choice of blog names continues) the 8 Gram Gorilla. Yeah, we really do like our monkeys.

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So, I Started My Own Company

One day we'll get a photo of a gorilla sitting in the jungle holding an iPad...

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much the past couple of months as I used to in the past which, I agree, is shamefully abysmal and something I hope to rectify soon. I haven’t lost interest in the MMORPG world or blogging (actually it’s quite the opposite – I’m more keen than ever), I just haven’t had a whole lot of free time lately. In fact, I haven’t had any. Because well, as the title of the post probably gave away, I’ve started my own business.

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