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On Being Enslaved By MMOs

Age of Conan Topless NPC

Some people look at this screenshot and see the struggle that takes place between the enslaved gamer and the tyrannical MMO. Others just see boobies.

I’m used to always having an itch. An itch in the back of my mind to log in and play a MMO. It’s a strange sensation but also a welcome one, an old familiar friend that gives me something to think about when I’m on a bus or in the bath or having a boring conversation with a work colleague. In this sense it’s rather nice because, as someone with an incredibly active mind (too much caffeine maybe?), it stops me losing my sanity to boredom. On the negative side though it can also be frustrating because it’s a tough tyrannical master that holds me enslaved to its mercy by filling me with desire to play. Feeling compelled to do anything is never nice.

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It’s Good To Be Geek

Geek Inside

Only geeks could mock an already geeky logo

When I was a teen I was very selfconscious of my geekness and used to downplay it around strangers and anyone of the opposite sex. It wasn’t as if I was I one of those guys who went around with a ponytail, long black trenchcoat and a Red Dwarf t-shirt quoting Monty Python all of the time anyway (although I was to encounter a fair share of them in later life, so many so in fact that I now have to restrain myself from immediately punching someone in the balls if they so much as utter the words “knights who say ni” anywhere near me) but I just figured, without much to back it up, that people didn’t like geeks. Especially girls.

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Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami

Japan Earthquake

Sendai after the tsunami

Early Friday afternoon, Japanese time, a huge earthquake struck the coast the Japan, east of Sendai. It measured 8.9 in magnitude, several thousand times more powerful than the one that ravaged New Zealand last month, and was one the largest quakes every recorded. A devastating tsunami soon followed. My thoughts, sympathies and best wishes go out to everyone affected by this awful catastrophe.

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I Feel Lost Without A MMO

WoW Friends

There's nothing better than adventuring with friends. Even if they are noobs.

I’m not addicted to MMOs. Honestly, I’m not. I do however think of them as some sort of comfort blanket. They’re something that I can always rely on to occupy my ferocious mind (I consider my brain to be akin to a thousand exploding suns exploding within an exploding volcano) and soothe my thoughts when I’m unhappy, stressed or otherwise disillusioned. They’re the constant in my life that I know I can reach for at any time to stop me feeling bored or lonely, keeping me company through my bachelor years and now testing the patience of my wife. They are part of me as no other hobby I could imagine. And I feel utterly lost without one.

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500th Post


500. 2.5 x my height in cm, 16.6 x my shoe size in inches and one day my weight in lbs.

I had a pleasant little surprise today when I logged into my blog and discovered that I’ve now made 500 blog posts (making this the 501st). Now I’m not one to let inconsequential milestones slip me by so I figured it was worth announcing and celebrating. Huzzah to me!!

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We Fly Spitfires Turns Two Today

Second Birthday

Fact: I started this blog the day after I got engaged. Yep, I know where my priorities lie.

Christmas Day is for opening presents, getting stuffed on food and spending time with la familia (I’m talking about one’s family and not the Mexican drug cartel, of course). It’s also a day for blogging, sneaking in MMO play time and dodging horrendous amounts of incoming wife aggro, all things I’m very good at considering this blog was born on Christmas Day exactly two years ago. To put it another way, it’s this itty-bitty-bloggy-woggy’s second birthday. Huzzah!

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We Don’t Need More Stuff

God of Materialism by Chen Wenling

"God of Materialism" by Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling. Probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

This article isn’t aimed squarely at MMOs although it’s no coincidence that I’m writing it right as the Rift beta is upon us. I checked out their preview movies, thought to myself that it looked nice enough and then wondered why it even needs to exist. I guess I’ve been feeling very Buddhistic (is that even a word?!) lately because I can’t help but feel that we’re now surrounded by so much junk and crap in our lives that it’s becoming a major distraction. Do we really need more things to entertain and preoccupy us?

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