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Another Perfect World – Watch It Here

Catchy title. I wanted to get the attention of those who were unable to view the Another Perfect World documentary I posted about yesterday because they didn’t live in the UK. Good news! I finally found it on YouTube. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve updated this movie with a 30min preview from YouTube. Unfortunately the full programme has been removed but you can find the official website here.

World of Warcraft Machinima

A few weeks ago I posted an article featuring some World of Warcraft music videos I found on the net, most by Nyhm, a pretty talented guy. Since then I’ve kept my eyes open for cool machinima videos and today I found quite an awesome one – MMOvie.

I get the feeling I’m always the last one to find out about these things so maybe you’ve all seen it before but I found it incredibly impressive (and funny) nonetheless. I imagine they are treading a few toes with copyright and Intellectual Property problems though.

Here’s another great one – The Internet Is For Pr0n!

The big thing that impresses me about these videos is the sheer quality of them. They are obviously labours of love spawned from many hours of development so my hat goes off to the creators. It also shows just how much influence and reach World of Warcraft has.

Perhaps the most impressive of any machinima I’ve seen though has to go to Percula for his video “The Craft of War: Blind”. It’s quite simply outstanding. Thanks to Andrew over at Of Teeth and Claws for pointing it out to me!

If you know of any other great MMORPG machinima, please let me know!

Big Man Japan

A little off topic (well, a lot off topic actually) but I couldn’t resist. Below is the trailer for Dai Nipponjin aka Big Man Japan, a film by Hitoshi Matsumoto, a very famous Japanese comedian. It came out a couple of years ago in Japan but was just recently released in the West. Haven’t seen it myself yet but it looks pretty… insane.

Gnomebusters Hit WoW!

I saw this movie and absolutely had to post about it. I really admire people that make machinima as it obviously takes a huge investment of time and a good deal of creativity. Gnomebusters is definitely one of the better World of Warcraft machinimas I’ve seen plus if you love Ghostbusters (who doesn’t?!) then you can’t go wrong. A little slow to start so forward it to about 1:10 if you’re impatient :)

Also, WoW Patch 3.1.2 just went live on all servers. Patch notes here. Nothing massively exciting but it does introduce the new Equipment Manager. And I just finally got used to using Outfitter. Sigh.

P.S. Interesting fact: there’s a JavaScript debugger called ‘Venkman’, named after the Ghostbusters character. That alone makes me want to use it. Hell, if you’re going to geek out, may as well geek out properly right?

World of Warcraft Music Videos

I’m sure most of you guys have seen these before but I’ve just discovered them – WoW music video. Seems to be tons on YouTube and the most famous are by a player called Nyhm. He’s not going to be the next Eminem but he’s decent enough and I’ve got to admire the huge amount time and effort taken to put these together. Here’s some of my favourite videos.

The above are all by Nyhm but below is a random one I found. Watch it then search for ‘Tunak Tunak Tun on YouTube for the connect :)

10 years of Everquest

So a few days ago Everquest hit the big ol’ number 10. Ding! Grats! I’m exceptionally happy that it’s still going because I spent way too many hours of my youth playing it and, sadly enough, I still feel a strong connection to the game. Even looking at some of the screenshots now fills me with nostalgia and the desire to log… back… in…

Anyway, SOE made this little video to celebrate EQ’s 10th anniversary. /dance and be happy.

Hitler Played Everquest

I was checking out Jhet Bhlak’s blog and I saw a post he made in December with this following video from YouTube. It absolutely cracked me up so I just had to re-post it here.

Thanks, Jhet!